Ikea offers one of the best deals on mattresses and bedframes.

If you recently bought an Ikea mattress and have a question like do regular sheets fit on ikea mattress?

Because Ikea makes Swedish/European Sizes sheets, so can regular sheets or normal sheets fit on ikea mattress or do you have to purchase new sheets from Ikea?

In short, you do not need to buy special sheets for ikea mattress because normal or regular sheets can fit perfectly on ikea mattress.

Ikea used to be manufacturing only European or Swedish sizes but now their all mattresses and beds come in std US Size.

But we will discuss what is the size of Ikea mattresses, can a non-kea mattress fits in an Ikea bed, what sizes of Ikea sheets, and will a regular mattress fits in an Ikea bed.

And how to find a perfect fit of sheets for your ikea mattress.

We will discuss those all in a while, stay tuned.

Standard IKEA Mattress Sizes

Before you know which size of sheets fit in ikea mattress or which size of mattress fits in an Ikea bed, let’s first know what are some standard ikea mattress size.

According to IKEA’S Official Website, there are some standard mattress sizes available in the United states.

IKEA Mattress Size

  • Twin mattresses – 74 3/8″ x 38 1/4″
  • Full mattresses – 74 3/8″ x 53 1/8″
  • Queen mattresses – 79 1/2″ x 60 1/4″
  • King-size mattresses – 79 1/2″ x 76″

Regular Mattress Size

  • Twin Size Mattress (Regular) – 75 inches by 38 inches
  • Full-Size Mattress (regular)- 75 inches by 54 inches
  • Queen mattress (regular)- 80 inches by 60 inches
  • King Mattress (Regular)- 80 inches by 76 inches.

As you can see, there is no more difference anymore compared to regular mattress sizes(us) and Ikea mattress sizes(us).

So a regular or normal sheet can easily fit on ikea mattresses and you do not need any special sheets for Ikea mattresses.

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EU vs. UK vs. US Bed Sizes at IKEA

There are total lots of different mattresses and beframe sizes in Ikea products depending on country to country.

Before Ikea only manufactures their mattresses in the EU (Swedish), and the UK but now, they started to manufacture their mattresses in the US sizes.

IKEA’s UK, EU, and US mattress sizes are slightly different so if you have purchased UK IKEA sheets then they won’t fit on EU’s IKEA mattress.

So you need to make sure where your IKEA mattress is made and depending on its size you can get the perfect sheet for your Ikea mattress.

Do Regular Sheets Fit on Ikea Mattress? 

Yes, regular or normal sheets can fit on ikea mattresses but depending on the size of Ikea mattress you should always purchase a proper fit and remember the size of your sheet and the mattress before purchasing new sheets.

But if you already have normal sheets or regular sheets then you can fit them on ikea mattress but the sheets should be the size of the mattress.

For example, if you have full-size sheets then they will only fit on full-size ikea mattresses and for all twins, queens, or kings.

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Can a non-ikea mattress fit in Ikea bed?

Ikea’s all mattresses and bedframes are now standard us sized.

This means you can fit any normal or non-ikea mattress in ikea bed frame,

You can fit a normal twin or full-size mattress on IKEA’s full bedframe.

Does a standard queen mattress fit an IKEA bed frame?

You can fit a standard queen mattress on ikea bed frame if the IKEA bed frame is big enough to accumulate a queen-size mattress.

Because the bed frame needs to be queen-sized or king-sized to accumulate a queen-size mattress.

If your IKEA bed frame is big then you can easily fit a standard queen-size mattress on IKEA’s bed frame.

Will A Regular Mattress Fit in Ikea Bed?

Yes, the regular mattresses can easily fit in Ikea beds because Ikea’s all bedframes and mattresses are available in US sizes.

But if your IKEA bed frame is too old and made for Swedish or European size then you need to measure the bed frame before fitting your regular mattress.

But if you recently purchased ikea bedframe and if it’s in US size then you can easily fit your normal mattresses on IKEA’s bed.

Final Words

Ikea is known for its wide range of products in furniture and bedding.

So Ikea manufactures lots of their mattresses and bedframes in different countries so their mattress sizes can be different depending from country to country.

Because their size may be different UK mattresses are slightly less in height compared to their Swedish size.

So if you have purchased a Swedish or European mattress then you can’t fit a UK sized or your normal US-sized sheets on that mattress.

But if you purchased your ikea mattress recently then you don’t have to worry because now ikea also manufactures US-sized mattresses.

And if your ikea mattress or bedframe is in US size then you can easily fit your normal sheets or normal mattress on IKEA’s bed or mattress.

If you have any questions regarding ikea mattress’s sheets and bedframe then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.