Key Summary

  • You can roll your IKEA mattress only if it is a foam mattress
  • We recommend getting help from someone else to roll it
  • We do not recommend rolling a spring mattress

Lots of people who want to move their IKEA mattress or want to store their mattress for after use have lots of questions like:

How to roll IKEA mattress? Can you roll IKEA mattress?

Lots of forums and sites say you can fold or roll the mattress and some sites strictly recommend rerolling their Ikea mattress.

Then what should you do? Can you roll ikea mattress or not?

The answer is really simple, yes you can roll or reroll your IKEA mattress only if it’s a foam mattress because IKEA manufactures foam mattresses and spring mattresses.

So if you have an ikea foam mattress then you can easily fold or reroll the mattress but if you have a spring ikea mattress then there are better ideas than rolling your mattress.

Because rolling spring IKEA mattress can damage their internal springs.

So if you have a foam Ikea mattress then let’s know how you can reroll your Ikea foam mattress but if you have an Ikea spring mattress then don’t worry we also have a hack that you can use to compress your mattress.

Let’s get started.

Types of Ikea Mattress

Ikea manufactures a wide range of mattresses and bedding.

Ikea offers all types of mattresses latex, spring, memory foam, and hybrid.

But there are main two types of Ikea mattress foam and spring.

Latex, memory foam mattresses come in the foam category and spring or hybrid comes in the spring mattresses category.

So there are main two types and categories of IKEA mattresses.

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1. Foam Ikea Mattresses

If you have foam mattresses like memory foam or latex then you can easily reroll the mattress or fold the mattress in half.

So if you fold or roll the foam type of Ikea mattress it won’t get damaged.

2. Spring Ikea Mattresses

These types of mattresses include Ikea’s innerspring or hybrid mattress which has springs or coils inside the mattress.

And you never fold these types of mattresses because you can damage the spring or coils inside the mattress.

If you have a spring mattress and wanted to store or move your spring mattress then at the end of the article, you will know a way or hack to compress your spring mattress.

Stay tuned.

Does An Ikea Mattress Come Rolled Up?

Unlike the other mattresses ikea mattresses do not come in a bed-in-box mattress, Ikea comes in vacuum-sealed- transparent plastic wrap with the mattress rolled up.

This means ikea mattress comes rolled up.

And you need to unroll the mattress as soon as possible because you can’t keep the unrolled mattress for more than 24 hours.

Because Ikea mattress also takes 72 hours to expand.

But after expansion, you can reroll the mattress and keep at least rolled for more than 1 year, but don’t keep your foam ikea mattress rolled for 2 years.

How to Roll Ikea Mattress like Pro (Reroll Ikea Mattress)


Whether you want to move your ikea mattress or wants to store your ikea mattress,

You need to know how to reroll ikea mattress step by step.

Here are some proven steps to roll your Ikea mattress.

Step 1: Take Another Hand for Help

Believe me, rolling your IKEA mattress is not an easy job for one person unless you are The Hulk.

Because IKEA mattresses can be thick and rolling your IKEA mattress all alone can be next to impossible.

So you need to take help from another person to help you roll the Ikea mattress.

Step 2: Lay Your IKEA Mattress on a Flat Surface and Start Rolling

You need to put your IKEA mattress on a flat surface for the ease of rolling the mattress.

Once you place your IKEA mattress on a flat surface, start rolling the mattress from one end and try to roll as tightly as possible.

You can get help from the other person to push and roll the mattress tightly.

Step 3: Secure the Mattress 

Once you rolled your Ikea mattress, secure the rolled mattress with straps and ropes or use duct tape to prevent the mattress from unrolling.

Store your mattress in a plastic storage wrap or a bag which will protect the mattress from dirt, dust, and moisture.

If you want to move your mattress then you can place the mattress in a transport truck or car.

So this is how you can reroll your Ikea mattress.

How to Roll Spring Mattress and Move the Mattress?

If you have an IKEA spring mattress and want to move your IKEA mattress then sorry to say but you can’t fold or roll your spring mattress no matter what.

Because the coils inside the spring mattress can get damaged.

So you can’t compress the spring mattress for transporting.

This means you can’t fit your spring mattress in your car.

But if you have a small-size spring mattress then you can fit it in the back of the car.

For larger spring IKEA mattresses, you need to get a pickup truck for moving your bed from one location to another.

Final Words

Rolling a foam IKEA mattress is not a piece of cake because the Ikea mattresses can be thick and you can roll the mattress all alone.

You need to get help from another person to tightly roll your Ikea mattress to move the mattress or storing the mattress.

But you can’t roll the spring IKEA mattress because the spring inside the IKEA mattress can get damaged if you roll the mattress.

So it’s not recommended to roll the IKEA spring mattress but you can reroll the Ikea foam mattress but don’t forget to pack the mattress in plastic air-tight wrap,

Because you need to protect the mattress from dirt, dust, and stains.

So after knowing how to fold or roll ikea mattress, you can easily reroll IKEA mattress.

If you have any questions regarding the rolling ikea mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.