If you already have a Tempurpedic mattress or looking to buy one, you need to whether tempurpedic have fiberglass or not.

Most people or site who don’t do proper research and asks directly to their support team claims that tempurpedic mattress does not have fiberglass.

But it’s not true, Yes, tempurpedic mattresses do have fiberglass in some of their mattress models.

Why I am claiming this statement? Because I Have a tempurpedic Mattress in my Home and I can clearly see that tempurpedic mattresses have fiberglass.

I found that Tempurpedic have fiberglass in its original foam model which is Tempur-Pedic Pro Adapt Mattress.

Let’s know in detail, why tempurpedic mattresses have fiberglass, which models of tempurpedic mattresses have fiberglass?

Why I am the only one who is claiming that tempurpedic mattresses have fiberglass?

Let’s get started.

Truth About Fiberglass and Mattress Manufacturer

As you know fiberglass is a dangerous material and cause lots of health issues but sometimes some mattress brands openly state that they have fiberglass in their mattress.

Because they don’t want to hide anything from their customers, they are transported with their customers.

But sometimes, not all brands can be transparent or fair with their customers.

Some mattress brands like nectar, vibe, and others fool their customers and create fake claims.

Fake claims such as their mattresses are fiberglass free, made in USA and whatnot but in reality, those claims are just as fake as their brand.

So you need to know that all manufacturers are not the same.

Why Most Sites Are Saying Tempurpedic Mattress is Fiberglass Free?

I don’t know about the others, maybe they didn’t do proper research or they just want to write what other sites were writing about fiberglass.

Because most sites on google serp are talking about how best tempurpedic mattress.

I am not saying tempurpedic mattresses are not the best, In fact, I love tempurpedic mattresses because I and my family do have tempurpedic mattresses in our bedroom.

But I am just saying that they do have fiberglass in their mattress, maybe not in its cover but inside the mattress.

Let’s find out.

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Do Tempurpedic Have Fiberglass?

Yes, Tempurpedic Pro-Adapt Foam Mattress Does Have Fiberglass inside the mattress. Not in the cover but you can find fiberglass inside the mattress.

I don’t about hybrid or spring tempurpedic mattresses but the tempurpedic foam original mattress does have fiberglass in their mattress.

This is a mattress labeled tempurpedic mattress and it clearly mentions that this mattress has 37% of glass fiber which is fiberglass.

Is There Fiberglass in Tempurpedic Mattress Cover?

No, like most mattress brands tempurpedic do not have fiberglass in their cover which can make tempurpedic mattresses totally safe.

Because if the fiberglass is not in the cover of the mattress then there is no problem.

Any wear or tear can happen on the cover of the tempurpedic mattress but fiberglass can’t come out from the inner side of the tempurpedic mattress.

So even if a tempurpedic foam mattress has fiberglass but is in the deep layers of the mattress so you do not need to worry much.

Is Fiberglass Dangerous?

Yes, Fiberglass is a really dangerous material and causes lots of health issues and problems.

Suppose your mattress has fiberglass in its cover, and if you accidentally wash or remove the cover of the mattress then fiberglass particles may come out of the mattress.

And once the fiberglass particles come out then can spread to overall your bed.

Once it spreads over all your bed then if your body gets in touch with fiberglass then you can have serious health symptoms like nose bleedings, itching, skin irritation, breathing problem, nose irritation, throat irritation, and other dangerous problems like asthma.

And this is not the end because if the fiberglass comes in contact with air then it can spread all over your room and then your house.

Once it’s spread all over your house then it’s impossible to remove without an expert and all of your family members can have those dangerous symptoms.

Does Fiberglass in Tempurpedic Mattress Dangerous?

Generally fiberglass in mattresses is really dangerous but only if the mattress brand used fiberglass in its cover.

Because Fiberglass can easily come out from the cover but this is not the case with a tempurpedic mattresses.

Fiberglass in a tempurpedic mattresses is not used in its cover so it won’t come out from the mattress.

You need to know that the fiberglass is in deeper layers of the tempurpedic mattresses.

But I still don’t understand why tempurpedic used fiberglass because they already used a natural fire barrier in their cover of the mattress,

Why Does Tempurpedic Uses Fiberglass?

According to a redit users, tempurpedic mattresses do have fiberglass in their mattress but I couldn’t find the exact reason why they use fiberglass if they already used a natural fire barrier material in their cover.

Maybe they are lying about the natural fire barrier or there is a mistake in using fiberglass.

I can’t find the exact but I can make sure that the tempurpedic mattress is totally safe.

Because the fiberglass used in tempurpedic mattresses is in the deeper layers of tempurpedic mattresses so you don’t need to worry at all.

What to Do After Knowing Tempurpedic Mattress Fiberglass?

Actually, there is nothing you can do about fiberglass in a tempurpedic mattresses but if you haven’t bought a tempurpedic mattress yet then you can choose the hybrid model of a tempurpedic mattress.

Because tempurpedic hybrid mattresses does not have fiberglass.

But if you already own a tempurpedic original foam mattress don’t worry the fiberglass won’t come out because it’s not on the cover.

So tempurpedic mattress is totally safe until you cut the tempurpedic mattress in half.

Final Words

Tempurpedic foam mattresses do have fiberglass but the fiberglass is not used in their cover so you don’t need to worry too much.

Because most people who use tempurpedic mattresses are totally satisfied with their experience including myself.

I can’t tell how much comfortable my sleep become after using a tempurpedic mattress but you can find fiberglass in its mattress label but don’t worry.

Maybe it’s a mistake or anything but there is not even one single person who is facing health issues from the fiberglass in tempurpedic mattresses.

If you have any questions regarding tempurpedic mattress fiberglass then feel free to ask them in the comment section of this article.