If you are considering buying an avocado mattress then let me tell you first that avocado is one of the natural and organic mattress in the united states.

People Love avocado mattresses because avocado mattresses are organic, natural, eco-friendly, made with high-quality materials, and affordable.

And if you have questions like “does avocado mattress have fiberglass?”

Then the answer is, avocado mattresses use any kind of flame retardant as fiberglass to make their mattresses safe from fire.

Avocado uses 100% organic and natural wool instead of fiberglass.

So avocado mattresses are 100% safe from fiberglass, rayon, formaldehyde, fire soaks, boric acid, or other dangerous and toxic chemicals.

But if you still have double then we will also talk about what an avocado mattress is made of. And also discuss which natural materials avocado uses instead of fiberglass.

And some questions about fiberglass in mattresses.

So stay tuned.

What are avocado mattresses made of?

As I said before Avocado mattresses are one of the best organic and award-winning mattresses in the united states.

But we are going to discuss what’s inside the avocado mattress and whether you should buy an avocado mattress or not.

Avocado offers 3 different models of avocado mattresses and two models of crib mattresses.

  1. Avocado Green
  2. Avocado Vegan
  3. Avocado Latex
  4. Luxury Crib 
  5. Organic Crib

You may have already an idea about their models as their name sounds.

We are only going to discuss what’s inside of Avocado Green, Avocado Vegan, and Avocado Latex.

Now, we are Going to See what’s inside Avocado Green.

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Avocado Green

does avocado mattress have fiberglass

This Model from Avocado is one of the most popular and best natural models.

This mattress is a hybrid mattress and 11 or 13 inches thick depending upon the size you choose.


The cover of avocado green is breathable, thin, and super soft.

This cover is made with organic cotton and wool which is certified by GOTs.

First Layer

The first layer of the avocado green mattress is also called the pillow-top layer.

This layer is 2 inches thick and consists of 100% organic and certified latex.

This latex is also known for its cooling properties.

Second Layer

The second layer of avocado green is also called the comfort layer.

And this layer consists of 2 inches of Latex which is 100% organic.

Third Layer

Beneath the comfort layer, the avocado mattress has a support core that consists of 8 inches of pocketed coils to support the overall mattress.

This layer has individually wrapped pocketed coils.

Fourth Layer

This layer depends upon which model of avocado green you are considering because this model of avocado green also has 1 inch of latex base layer.

So now, you may already know that avocado green mattress contains only natural materials which are 100% safe.

Avocado Vegan

Believe me, there is no difference between avocado green and avocado vegan because all layers are the same as avocado green.

The only difference between avocado green and avocado vegan is the ingredients inside the avocado vegan are entirely vegan.

So this Avocado Vegan is PETA approved and certified by Vegan Action.

So avocado Vegan contains the same layers and ingredients as Avocado Green.

And avocado Vegan Mattress is also 100% safe and Free from fiberglass.

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Avocado Latex

This is another model from avocado which is 100% safe and organic.

But Avocado Latex is a foam mattress.

This mattress is 9 inches thick and has 3 layers.


The cover of avocado latex is breathable, soft, and thin.

This cover will help you to sleep without a sweat.

And this cover is made with 100% natural cotton.

First Layer 

The first layer of the avocado latex mattress is also called the comfort layer.

This layer is 2 inches thick and consists of Contoured Latex which is certified and 100% organic.

Second layer

Beneath the comfort layer, there is a second layer which is also called the transition layer.

And this layer consists of foam materials that are 100% natural.

This layer is 3 inches thick

Third Layer

This is the last layer of the avocado latex mattress and consists of base foam.

And this layer is 4 inches thick which supports the overall mattress.

Does Avocado Mattress Have Fiberglass?

Does Avocado Mattress Have Fiberglass

All models from avocado whether it’s avocado green, avocado vegan, or avocado latex. All models are 100% organic, natural, and certified.

All models from avocado are free from fiberglass, and toxic and harmful chemicals.

So avocado mattress does not have fiberglass.

Where Mattress Brands puts Fiberglass in their mattress?

More than 80% of mattress brands use fiberglass in their mattresses to make them safe from fire.

Because fiberglass is a cheap flame retardant so mattress brands use fiberglass to follow the regulation from the federal government.

And most of the mattress brands put fiberglass beneath the cover of their mattress.

Does fiberglass in mattresses really dangerous?

Fiberglass is one of the most dangerous materials in mattresses.

And if you use a mattress that contains fiberglass then fiberglass particles can come out of the mattress.

And if they do come out then fiberglass can spread all over your bed.

And if the fiberglass comes in contact with your body then you may have major health issues and symptoms like breathing problems, throat irritation, skin irritation, nose irritation, nose bleeding, and other dangerous symptoms.

In the worst case, if the fiberglass particles come in contact with air then fiberglass can spread all over your house,

Which makes it impossible to remove them without an expert.

And all of your family members can have the same symptoms.

So fiberglass in mattresses is really dangerous and you need to stay away from mattresses that have fiberglass in them.

Are avocado mattresses safe?

Yes, Avocado mattresses are 100% safe, organic and natural. They also have CertiPUR-US Certificate and all the materials inside an avocado mattress are certified by GOTs.

Final Words

If you are concerned about avocado mattress fiberglass then don’t.

Because avocado mattresses are 100% organic, safe, and award-winning natural mattresses in the industry.

And all of their models does not contain fiberglass or any harmful chemicals,

They are 100% safe and certified by GOTs.