Most hotel beds feel like heaven for some people but trust me if you ever stayed in Marriott hotels then their beds are on a whole other level.

Marriott hotels are one of the top luxury hotels in the world but what mattress does Marriott use?

Marriott hotels use Marriott bed which is manufactured and made by serta simmons bedding.

Simmons is known for manufacturing hotel beds like hyatt mattresses or Marriot beds.

In this article, we will discuss what type of mattress Marriot use, what’s so special about Marriot mattress and how can you get a Marriott bed from Marriott hotel itself.

Let’s get started.

What Type of Mattress Does Marriott Use?

Lots of people who ever stayed at Marriott hotels are so curious to know what type of mattress they use and who manufactures that brand of mattress.

But unfortunately, luxury hotels like Marriott do not use one single brand and type of mattress so the type of mattress and the brand can vary depending on the location and the room.

In some locations, Marriott uses Marriott beds and in other locations, they can use other mattresses but all are made by serta simmons bedding.

The Marriott bed is an innerspring mattress that provides pressure point relief, sturdy support, motion isolation, and the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress.

There is also a Marriott foam mattress which is made of soy-based foam that is way more safer than normal memory foam.

Also, it does not trap heat like traditional memory foam, it makes you sleep more cooler and comfortably.

There is also a hybrid model of Marriott bed which combination of foam and innerspring and this hybrid version of the Marriott bed is more comfortable than the foam and innerspring model.

Because in Marriott’s hybrid bed, it’s a combination of a plushy foam feel, a hugging effect, and pressure distribution with support and durability of innerspring.

What Mattress Does Marriott Use?

As you know Marriott Hotel uses lots of types of mattresses including foam, innerspring and hybrid models.

But these all models and mattresses are manufactured by the same company which is serta simmons bedding.

And these mattresses are also called Marriott beds.

Serta simmons beddings are one of the best mattress manufacturing company which creates high-end hotel mattresses like Marriott bed and hard rock hotel mattresses.

But what’s so special about Marriott bed? What differentiates Marriott beds from other mattresses?

Why Are Marriott Beds so comfortable?

In case you don’t know, the mattress type is not only the factor that makes the mattress comfortable there are other important factors too.

Factors like firmness level, cooling effect, temperature control, motion isolation, pressure relief, and other beddings.

The firmness of Marriott Beds

The firmness of Marriott beds is not too soft nor too hard or firm because their firmness level is medium firm.

So these beds can accumulate and are best for every type of sleeper and sleeping position.

The medium firm is balanced between support and cradling which makes the Marriot beds so comfortable and supportive.

But if a person weighs more than 300 pounds then this bed can’t provide him/her proper support.

But if you are under 300 pounds then you can easily and comfortably sleep on Marriott beds.

Cooling Effect

Unlike other memory foam mattresses Marriott beds do not use memory foam.

Instead of memory foam, they use foam created by soy which is much safer and cooler than memory foam.

Memory foam traps heat which makes the sleeper sweat and sleep hot at night.

But the cooling effect of soy foam and breathable material in Marriott beds makes the Marriott beds cool and comfortable.

Temperature Control

Temperature control and cooling of Marriott beds are directly connected.

Because Marriott mattresses typically implement cooling components to prevent the sleeper from overheating and maintain the body temperature of the sleeper.

The hybrid and innerspring model of Marriott beds is breathable and helps with heat dissipation.

So Marriott beds are not only cooler but also maintain the temperature of the sleeper and the mattress.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation of mattresses can play a huge impact if you are a couple and sleeping on a mattress.

Because if your partner moves a lot in your bed then your sleep mustn’t get disturbed by the movements of your partner.

That’s why Marriott beds also have great motion isolation which can make the overall mattress so comfortable.

Pressure Relief

All Marriott beds have great pressure relief which relieves the pressure points of the sleeper.

Marriott beds adapt to the sleeper’s body and offer optimal support levels for each area.

This will make the mattress relax and prevent pressure build-ups.

Other Beddings

Off course, the mattress is not the only thing that makes the overall bed comfortable because there are other beddings like pillows, mattress toppers, comforters, sheets, blankets, and other beddings which can make a huge impact on the comfort of the bed.

And the other beddings of Marriott beds are also top-notch and made from high-quality materials.

Can You Buy Marriott Bed from their Hotel?

Yes, you can buy Marriott original bed directly from their official website, you can choose between foam and innerspring mattresses.

But also remember these mattresses can be very expensive.

If the Marriott beds are not in your budget then you can always choose an affordable luxury mattress.

You can even get Marriott’s other bedding like natural mattress topper, sheets, bedding set, and duvet from their official site.

Does Marriott Hotel Sell Used Mattresses?

If you want to buy a used mattress from Marriott hotels then it can be difficult because Marriott hotels do not sell their old mattresses.

Marriott hotels donate their used mattresses so it can be difficult to buy used mattresses from Marriott hotels.

But if you do know the manager of the Marriott hotel then you can settle things out…

Final Words

Marriott hotel chains are one of the most luxurious and best hotels in the world, so if you stayed in marriott hotels then one thing is for sure you will get a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

People who sleep on Marriott hotels’ beds always wonder what mattress they use.

But Marriott uses their exclusive Marriott bed which is exclusively designed and manufactured by serta simmons bedding.

But remember their beds can be very expensive and starts from 4000 dollars.

And you need to also get other bedding from Marriott hotels because the mattress is not the only thing that makes the overall bed comfortable.

If you have any questions regarding Marriott beds then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.