If you ever stayed at Loews hotels then one thing is for sure you slept like a baby on their mattresses.

But what mattress does Loews Hotel Use?

The mattress used at Loews Hotel is Stearns & Foster Tivoli Elegance pillowtop.

This mattress is manufactured and designed by Stearns and Foster brand which is a known brand for creating high-end hotel mattresses.

But what makes the mattress unique and why are mattresses at Loews hotels so comfortable?

Where you can buy Stearns and foster mattresses, does Loews hotel sell old mattresses?

If you have these types of questions then don’t worry.

In this article, we will discuss what mattress does loews hotel use, what bedding does loews hotel use, and how to make your own bed like Stearns and Foster mattress.

Let’s get started.

What Mattress Does Loews Hotel Use?

Loews Hotel uses Stearns & Foster’s Tivoli Elegance Pillowtop mattresses.

This model of mattress is exclusively designed and manufactured by Stearns and Foster for Loews hotels.

This mattress is exclusive that doesn’t mean you can’t buy the mattress because you can buy this mattress at their official site.

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What Type of Mattress Does Loews Hotel Use?

Loews hotels use lots of different mattresses but they mostly use Stearns and fosters tivoli elegance pillowtop mattresses.

And this mattress is a hybrid mattress.

They use the hybrid mattresses to give the guests the best experience of the combination of comfort and support.

Stearns and Fosters manufacture all hybrid mattresses including Tivoli elegance pillowtop, Lux Estate, and Reserve.

What Beddings Does Loews Hotel Use?

Mattresses are not the only thing that makes the bed comfortable because other beddings like pillows, sheets, blankets, toppers, and comforters also matter too.

And all the bedding used in Loews hotels are manufactured by the same company which is Stearns and Foster.

The pillows used in Loews hotels are memory foam pillows specially designed by Stearns and Foster.

You can check the pillows and other bedding on their official website.


Just changing pillows on your bedding can change the comfort of your overall bed to a whole another level.

These all beddings and mattresses are luxury, handcrafted, and expensive so make sure you know the budget.

Why are Stearns and Foster Mattresses special?

There is a total of 4 models of mattresses that you can buy from Stearns and Foster.

  • Studio Mattress by Stearns and Foster
  • Estate Mattress by Stearns and Foster
  • Lux Hybrid Mattress (New Innovation)
  • Reserve Mattress (Most Luxurious Mattress)

Each of the models from Stearns and Foster has unique and different features.

But we will discuss more their Most Luxurious Mattress model which is commonly used in Loews Hotels which is the Reserve mattress.

This Mattress is known for its ultimate Expression of Comfort, and this mattress’s layers are handcrafted layered luxury materials.

This mattress is so breathable, soft, luxurious, comfortable, supportive, and cooling effect and relieves pressure points.

And there are other features and benefits of this mattress you can check this mattress on their official website.

Where to Buy Loews Hotels Mattress?

You can buy Loews Hotel mattresses on Stearms and fosters official website.

Because they sell their own exclusive mattresses at their official site.

You can just check here.


Because the mattresses in Loews hotels are designed and manufactured by Stearns and Foster so you can buy their mattress on their official website.

Does Loews Hotels Sell Used Mattresses?

Most people don’t have the budget to buy a brand-new Stearns and foster mattress but they are so expensive that most people can’t afford them.

But if you want to buy their old or used mattresses then sorry you can’t buy them because Loews hotels are one of the top hotels in the world.

And they just can’t sell their old mattresses because they donate them to charity firms.

But if you know the manager of Loews hotel then you can settle things.

How to Make your own bed like Stearn and Foster Bed

I know, whenever I stayed at the hotels then embassy Suites and Loews hotels are my first choice because I Sleep like a baby when I choose them.

Because their mattresses are so comfortable and the support and luxury feeling is on a whole another level.

And loews hotels use steroids and foster beds, so if you want to make your own bed like theirs then you can do that.

But don’t expect a similar level of comfort and support because they are on a whole other level.

But you can make your own bed comfortable and supportive just by using the right pillows and mattress toppers.

Pillows should be memory foam pillows and mattress toppers should be memory foam too,

And the firmness of the memory foam topper can be up to you to choose.

Just by using these two, you can change the comfort of your own bed to a whole new level.

And other beddings like sheets, comforters, duvets, and mattresses also matter too.

Final Words

People who stayed at Loews hotels always wonder which brand of mattress they use because they are just so perfect.

The mattress brand used in Loews hotels is Stearns and Foster.

And this company is known for making luxury and high-end hotel mattresses.

Unlike hard rock hotels mattresses, Hilton mattresses, or marriott their mattresses are manufactured by the same company which is serta simmons beddings.

If you have any further questions about Loew’s hotels mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.