If you are considering buying electric blankets or have one in your house that you regularly use and you are noticing some hair loss right?

If yes then, is it true that electric blankets cause hair loss?

The truth is there is no research or studies done on this subject but remember heat from the heated blankets or electric blankets always damages the root of your hair which leads to hair loss.

But only if you use electric blankets carelessly.

Using heated blankets or electric blankets can really cause hair loss because when you turn ON your electric blankets then the heat or warmth from the blankets can harm the strands of your hair which leads to hair loss.

In this article, we will discuss how electric blankets can damage your hair and cause hair loss.

We will also discuss some ways to prevent hair loss by using electric blankets.

Let’s get started.

Electric Blankets & Hair Loss (What’s The Connection)

Lots of people still think that there is no connection between electric blankets and hair loss but that’s not true.

In case you don’t know heat can really damage your hair.

That’s why you can’t use a blow dryer with hot air settings on your hair.

The heat from the electric or heated blankets can damage the hairs, and when your hairs get damaged by heat then the strands of your hairs can weaken.

And when you shower or brush your hair then weak hairs may fall which you can see as hair loss.

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Can Electric Blankets Cause Hair Loss?

Yes, electric blankets cause hair loss because when you use heated blankets and if the temperature increases then the heat from the electric blankets or heated blankets can weaken the roots of your hair.

The heat also makes your hair dry and lose its strength because heat can remove the protein from the hair.

Which leads to hair loss.

But this happens when you use your electric blankets carelessly because when you forget to turn off electric blankets after use then the temperature might increases and your blankets starts to overheat.

When overheating in your heated or electric blankets happens then it can be really dangerous and can also lead to hair loss, skin burns, and electric shock.

Can Electric Blankets Causes Hair Thinning?

This is not 100% right because there are no studies or research done on this topic but heat can be also one of the reasons behind hair thinning.

Hair thinning is nothing but damaged and weakened hairs.

This happens when the bonds of protein, fats, oils, and water in your hair may be broken.

And heat or high temperature can be the reason behind this damage.

So when your hairs get contact with heat then the strength of your hair might start to lose which leads to hair thinning.

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How to Prevent Hair Loss From Electric Blankets or Heated Blankets?

Electric blankets are not the only reason why you are having problems like hair falls.

Because the reasons can be different like your diet, lifestyle, stress level, and other things.

Electric blankets can be not the only reason behind your problem so make sure you change your diet, and lifestyle and consult a dermatologist.

And here are some tips to safely use electric blankets without having hair fall.

  • Always use electric or heated blankets for only 60 minutes.
  • Use automatic electric blankets that turn off automatically after some time which will prevent overheating on electric blankets.
  • Always avoid electric blankets if you have diabetes, poor blood circulation, are pregnant, child, or have any pets.
  • Do not fold the blankets.
  • Do not put anything on your electric or heated blankets.
  • Check if the electric blankets or heated blankets are damaged or not before using them.
  • Do not use electric blankets if you already have a hair loss problem.

So these were some tips to prevent hair loss with electric blankets.

Final Words

There is no research found that electric blankets are directly related to hair loss but it might be true that heat from electric blankets can damage hair.

Not only the heat but also the EMF which emits from the electric blankets can be also the reason behind your hair loss.

But remember electric blankets are not the only ones to blame because the reason might be something else.

So make sure you have a proper diet, sleep, and do not take any stress. 

And always consult your dermatologist before trying anything.

If you have any questions regarding hair loss from electric blankets then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.