Electric blankets can be great on cold winter nights for preventing yourself from getting frozen.

And if you are worried about whether electric blankets cause nerve damage or not then don’t worry.

Yes, Electric blankets can cause nerve damage in conditions like diabetes and poor blood circulation.

This means if you already have problems of diabetes, poor blood circulation, or nerve damage then electric blankets can make things worse.

In this article, we will discuss how electric blankets can make nerve damage worse, who should not use electric blankets, and how to stay warm and safe with or without electric blankets.

Let’s get started.

Neuropathy and Peripheral Nerve Damage.

Over the years there are more than thousands of cases registered because someone is injured or get killed by electric blankets.

Because when a diabetic person uses electric blankets then it can cause neuropathy which leads to peripheral nerve damage.

And when it happens then that person can’t sense whether an electric blanket is too hot or not.

Electrical blankets or heated blankets cause over 500 fires each year.

So if you already have problems with nerve damage, poor blood circulation, or diabetes then you must not use electric blankets.

Because in these conditions your ability to sense the electric blankets won’t be strong enough to detect overheating on it.

And when that happens electric blankets can catch fire and when someone is wrapped underneath can result in death or serious burn.

Can Electric Blankets Cause Nerve Damage?

Yes, electric blankets do cause nerve damage for people with diabetes and poor blood circulation.

Because when you have diabetes or poor blood circulation and if you use electric blankets then electric blankets may pass any form of current in the nerves of your body.

When this happens then you can feel of tingling or burning sensation which may lead to neuropathy.

And Neuropathy causes peripheral nerve damage which can block the senses of your body.

So in this condition, you may not feel the temperature or overheating of electric blankets.

So yes, electric blankets cause nerve damage.

Can electric blankets cause neuropathy?

Yes, electric blankets do cause neuropathy when you use them regularly especially if you are a diabetic or have poor blood circulation problems.

And neuropathy is directly linked to the nerves of your body which cause nerve damage.

Who Should Avoid Electric Blankets?

Honestly, everybody should avoid electric blankets because electric blankets do not cause only nerve damage but can cause leg pain, heart stroke, joint pain, kidney damage, and more.

But people with conditions like diabetes, poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, pregnant women, and any physical condition should avoid electric blankets.

Because electric blankets are known for overheating and emitting electromagnetic fields which may lead to muscle pain and body pain.

And if you already have any nerve damage or body pain then you must avoid the electric blankets or it can make things worse than you can imagine.

Are Heated Blankets Bad For Blood Circulation?

Yes, Heated or electric blankets are bad for blood circulation because electric blankets or heated blankets pass current through the nerves of your body which may lead to poor blood flow.

And especially if you already have problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or poor blood circulation then heated or electric blankets can make things worse.

The current from electric or heated blankets can pass through the nerves which may lead to poor blood circulation.

How to Use Electric Blankets Safety and Prevent Damages.

If you have conditions like diabetes, poor blood circulation or body aches then you must avoid electric blankets no matter what.

But if you do not have any health conditions then here is how you can use electric or heated blankets safely and prevent any dangers.

Number 1: Replace Damaged Electric Blankets

If your electric blankets are already been damaged or you found any holes in your electric or heated blankets then you must replace your electric blanket.

Because when your electric blankets get old, worn, or damaged then it can overheat when you use them and sometimes catches fire.

So always replace your old or damaged electric blankets with a new ones.

Number 2: Check if Electric Cord is Damaged or Not

Before using electric blankets always check whether the electric cord is okay or not.

Because if the electric cord gets damaged then it can look dark, frayed, or charred.

Regular use of electric blankets can cause damage to their electric cord.

And if the cord of your electric blanket is damaged then you must replace your electric blanket or its cord.

Number 3: Do Not Use Electric Blankets If…

Do not use electric blankets while sleeping and do not put anything on top of the electric blankets.

And when you use electric blankets then try not to fold the blankets when in use.

Because putting things on blankets or folding blankets while in use can damage the electric blankets which may lead to overheating or shock.

Number 4: Use Automatic Electric Blankets

There are lots of electric blankets in the market that automatically turns off when it reaches a certain temperature.

Because accidents can happen right? So if you accidentally sleep with electric blankets turned ON then the electric blankets can overheat and cause your skin to burn.

But if you use those automatic electric blankets which turn off automatically after a certain period or temperature then you can prevent electric blankets from overheating.

Number 5: Avoid Water coming in contact with Electric Blankets

Remember do not use electric or heated blankets on camping trips because if water comes in contact with electric blankets then it can give you a shock.

So prevent any liquid or water from getting in contact with electric blankets.

And do not use high-voltage electric blankets, always use low-voltage blankets.

Always unplug the electric blanket when not in use.

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