If you are looking to buy an electric blanket or use one then you must heard a rumor about electric blankets cause kidney damage.

But this is true, there is a piece of scientific evidence that proved electric or heated blankets causes kidney damage.

But sometimes this rumor can become true in certain conditions.

Like if your electric blanket is overheated up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit then your body causes extreme dehydration which leads to low blood pressure and decreased kidney function.

But this case only happens if you have poor blood circulation, diabetes, blood pressure, or body pain problems.

Overheating can affect the senses in those conditions and make their condition worse.

In this article, we will discuss how electric blankets cause kidney damage and other damages in certain situations and how you should avoid that.

And there are lots of dangers of using electric blankets without any proper guidance, so we need to also discuss how to safely use electric or heated blankets.

Let’s get started.

Electric Blankets and Kidney Damage (what’s the Connection)

You may think there is no connection between electric blankets and kidney damage, I was thinking the same until I recently read the study on electric blankets.

Most electric blankets emit toxic fumes no matter how low voltage electric blankets you use.

The wires of electric or heated blankets are coated in polytetrafluoroethylene known as PTFE.

And this outgases a variety of carcinogenic fumes when heated and these are most notably tetrafluoroethylene which scientifically proven that cause kidney damage.


Can Electric Blankets Cause Kidney Damage?

I know the above studies are hard to understand but remember electric blankets can cause kidney damage, especially in certain types of people with diabetes, poor blood circulation, or any health issues.

So yes electric blankets can cause kidney damage if you don’t use them correctly.

And this is not the only thing because there are lots of dangers of using electric blankets or heated blankets.

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Do electric blankets dehydrate you?

Yes, electric blankets can dehydrate your body in a very bad way because when you are wrapped with layers of electric blankets then you can’t tell how much sweat you are sweating.

And you can’t even tell that you are dehydrating but you surely are dehydrating.

Because electric blankets produce heat which leads to sweating and causes dehydration.

And when your body becomes dehydrated then it can cause affect on kidneys.

So electric blankets can cause kidney damage.

Dangers of Electric Blankets

There are lots of dangers in using electric blankets especially if you don’t use them correctly.

Dangers such as leg pain, joint pain, blood clots, hair loss, nerve damage, and heart failure.

These serious conditions can happen when you don’t use electric blankets correctly.

Electric blankets can overheat sometimes when they do then you need to turn OFF the electric or heated blankets otherwise it can cause nerve damage, hair loss, or joint pain.

Because heat can damage the nerves in people with diabetes, blood pressure, poor blood circulation, or any physical syndrome.

So you need to properly use electric blankets.

Some people might think electric or heated blankets are totally safe and when it gets hole or damaged, they still use them without repairing them or replacing them.

And when they do then electric blankets can start to overheat and can cause lots of trouble.

In some cases, people died from overheating in electric blankets which caught up in fire.

So electric blankets are really helpful on winter nights but the same time they can be dangerous.

So you need to know how to use electric blankets safely.

Are electric blankets bad for your kidneys?

Yes, electric blankets are bad for your kidney and this study is proven by scientists.

Electric blankets contain toxic fumes and when you turn on electric blankets then those fumes can be heated and emits a dangerous gas that can affect the functions of your kidney.

So this is true after all.

How to use electric Blankets Safely

There are some basic rules that you need to know for using electric or heated blankets safely.

  • Always use electric blankets for only 60 minutes, do not use them for more than 60 minutes because they can cause overheating.
  • Avoid Electric Blankets if you are pregnant, diabetic, have low blood circulation, or any serious health issues.
  • Do not fold electric or heated blankets.
  • Check electric blankets properly before using them because using damaged electric blankets can shock you.
  • Do not just go to sleep with electric blankets just use electric blankets until your body gets warm up then turn it off.
  • Always start with low settings then gradually increase them.
  • Always prevent electric blankets from water because water can damage electric blankets.
  • Avoid using electric blankets when camping because rainwater can damage electric blankets.

That’s how you can use electric blankets properly if you know the right way to use electric blankets then you don’t have to worry about those dangers.

Final Words

I understand how important electric blankets can be on winter nights.

Electric blankets prevent us from getting frozen and can be very effective to you keep warm.

But If you use electric blankets regularly then it can cause a problem especially with people who have diabetes, poor blood circulation, or any physical syndrome.

So you need to understand how to use electric blankets in the right way because if you use your electric blankets or heated blankets carelessly then you can get yourself in trouble.

Because there are lots of dangers in using electric blankets if you don’t use them correctly.

So if you are using electric blankets then you have to be really conscious when using them otherwise you can get troublesome health issues.

If you have any questions regarding kidney damage and electric or heated blankets then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.