Aloft Hotels are one of the top luxury hotel chains in the world, so if you ever stayed in aloft hotel then you must be wondering what mattress does aloft hotel use?

Because their mattresses are so soft, comfortable, and supportive, and have lots of features.

The Aloft Hotel uses lots of different mattresses and beds depending on the location and area of the hotel.

But usually, aloft hotel uses simmons beautyrest mattresses in their all luxury bedrooms.

But what is so special about this beautyrest mattress? And why are Aloft hotel mattresses are so comfortable?

Where you can buy mattresses that are used in Aloft hotels, and does Aloft Hotel sell used mattresses?

If you have these questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

In this article, we will discuss all questions related to aloft hotel mattresses.

Let’s get started.

What Type Of Mattress Does Aloft Hotel Use?

The mattresses used in Aloft hotels are simmons beautyrest beddings,

And simmons is a known brand for making hotel mattresses for top hotel chains in the world.

Aloft hotels only use hybrid mattresses that have individually wrapped coils for support and memory foam for a hug feeling.

The coil system in hybrid mattresses naturally aligns your spine and relieves pressure points and also provides motion isolation.

The collection of beautyrest mattresses does not have foam type in it, all mattresses are hybrid mattresses.

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What Mattress Does Aloft Hotel Use?

Aloft Hotel use simmons beautyrest mattress which is quite popular in many hotels.

This beautyrest simmons mattress is a hybrid mattress that has both comfort and support.

In some aloft hotels, you can find a serta heavenly bed.

But remember serta and simmons are both purchased by the same investment group means both brands of mattresses are manufactured by serta simmons beddings.

Don’t get confused, just remember aloft hotel uses simmons beautyrest mattress which is a hybrid mattress.

What brand of Mattress does Aloft Hotel Use?

If you stayed at an Aloft hotel and noticed the brand of the mattress like serta, beautyrest or any different name then don’t get confused.

Because all mattresses used in Aloft hotels are manufactured and designed by serta simmons beddings.

Simmons beautyrest mattress is made by serta simmons beddings.

And serta simmons is a known brand for making high-end hotel mattresses for hotels like Hilton, embassy suites, Sheraton, marriott, and others.

So this mattress manufacturer is so popular for making hotel mattresses.

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What Kind of Mattress Do Aloft Hotels Use?

Aloft Hotel uses the simmons Beautyrest mattress, simmons beautyrest evernu mattress, and beautyrest sutherland plush mattress.

There are also other models from beautyrest like Signature or luxury resort mattresses but these mattresses are used in four seasons hotel.

So aloft hotel only uses simmons beautyrest, simmons beautyrest evernu, and also beautyrest sutherland plush mattress.

But most Aloft hotels use simmons beautyrest mattresses.

Why Aloft Hotel Mattresses are comfortable (What’s so special?)

The mattresses that are used in the Aloft hotels are made by serta simmons beddings.

And serta simmons is known a brand for making top high-end hotel mattresses.

The material quality used in simmons beautyrest mattresses is top notch and all layers in that mattress are designed in a such way that you can’t feel any discomfort,

This means the mattresses at aloft hotels are simmons beautyrest mattresses which is the number 1 leading manufacturer of hotel mattresses.

So there is no doubt why they are in bed.

These hotel mattresses can have low durability sometimes but luxury hotels like Aloft don’t care about durability because they just want to give their guest comfortable beds.

So when you sleep on their mattresses then you can sleep like a baby.

Where to buy simmons beautyrest Mattress?

Yes, you can buy simmons beautyrest mattresses which are used at Aloft hotels.

You can directly go to their official website and purchase a simmons beautyrest mattress collection.

But make sure you have the budget to buy high-end luxury mattresses.

Because their mattresses are top-notch and world-class so they can be expensive.

Does Aloft Hotel Sell Used Mattresses?

No, usually luxury hotels like Aloft won’t sell their used or old mattresses to their guests.

Because they donate them, and in some states, it is illegal to sell used mattresses so there are lots of laws and restrictions.

So aloft hotels don’t want to get into any conflict by selling their used mattress so they just donate them.

But I can tell you the trick, you don’t need to buy mattresses from their hotels because aloft hotel uses simmons Beautyrest mattresses.

And simmons beautyrest mattresses can be found in any used mattress market for sale.

So you can purchase a used or old simmons beautyrest mattress from the market.

But make sure you check whether the old or used mattress is in good condition or not.

What Bedding Does Aloft Hotel Use?

The mattresses are not the only thing that makes the overall bed comfortable in aloft hotels.

Because of other beddings like mattress toppers, pillows. Sheets, blankets, duvets, and other bedding matter too.

And all bedding in Aloft hotels is made by simmons beautyrest and serta simmons bedding.

So you can purchase their bedding on their official website.

Final Words

Aloft Hotels are top luxury hotel chain in the world.

And serta simmons and simmons beautyrest beddings are partners so all beddings and mattresses that you see in all luxury hotels including Aloft hotels are made by these brands.

And if you ever stayed at Hilton, marriott, Sheraton, or embassy suites then their all mattresses and beddings too manufactured and designed by serta simmons beddings.

So if you want to get hotel mattresses like Aloft or any other top hotel chains then you can buy their mattresses from their official website.

If you have any questions regarding Aloft hotel mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.