Hiltons Hotels are one of the best hotels in the world like Marriott, embassy suits, and hyatt hotels.

But if you have ever stayed in Hilton hotels then there is no way you want to book other hotels because their beds are so comfortable but what mattress does Hilton use?

Hilton has many mattresses depending on the location, area, room, and guest’s needs.

But all mattresses used in Hilton hotels are made by serta simmons beds which is the number one for manufacturing high-end hotel beds.

Serta also manufactures hotel mattresses for hyatt hotels, Marriot hotel mattresses, hard rock hotel mattresses, and other luxury hotels.

But what’s so special and Hilton beds and why are they so comfortable?

In this article, we will discuss what brand and type of mattress does Hilton use, why their beds are so comfortable, and how you can get Hilton bed for yourself.

Let’s get started.

What Type of Mattress Does Hilton Use?

As I said before, all mattresses in Hilton hotels are manufactured exclusively by serta simmons beddings.

Some people might think they have their exclusive Hilton mattress and you can’t buy them from anywhere.

But its the half the truth because Hilton actually sell their Hilton mattresses and beddings on their official website.

So there is only one type of mattress Hilton use which is Hilton original mattress which has different layers of foam, latex, and pocketed coils to create maximum comfort.

That means Hiltons original mattress is a hybrid mattress which is a combination of foam and innerspring to give the guest maximum comfort.

Hilton hybrid mattress is available in all sizes including twin, full, queen, king, and California king.

Who Manufactures Hilton Mattress?

The Hilton original hybrid mattress which is used in all Hilton hotels is manufactured by serta simmons bed.

Not only Hilton but serta provides high-end hotel mattresses to many top luxury hotels.

Serta simmons is a known brand for making high-end hotel mattresses so all mattresses used in Hilton hotels are made by serta.

What Mattress Does Hilton Use?

Hilton uses serta simmons mattresses exclusively designed and made for Hilton hotels.

The Hilton beds are hybrid beds and so comfortable and made by a top hotel mattress manufacturing company which is serta.

Serta manufactures all Hilton mattresses.

Why is Hilton Mattresses So Comfortable?

Guests who stay at Hilton hotels always have the same question, why are Hilton mattresses so comfortable?

The main reason why Hilton mattresses are so comfortable is the manufacturing, layers, and materials used in Hilton mattresses.

As I said before Hilton manufactures their mattresses exclusively by serta simmons.

Hilton mattresses provide overall support to the sleeper’s body and its hybrid model combines support, comfort, and pressure-relieving layers.

The natural latex in Hilton mattresses provides an absorbing and soft layer that absorbs motion and provides edge support.

And the innerspring or coil inside Hilton mattresses provides sturdy support to the sleeper.

The material and fabric in Hilton mattresses are breathable, soft, and waterproof.

And the temperature control and cooling effect in Hilton mattresses can be the best thing about Hilton mattresses.

Hilton mattresses control the body temperature of a sleeper and prevent the sleeper from overheating and have a cooling effect on the mattress.

Pressure points reliever and pain relief in Hilton mattress are so great and the mattress relieves back pain and keeps joints relaxed because your body won’t sink into the mattress.

The firmness level of Hilton beds is medium firm which is best for all types of sleepers and sleeping positions.

The firmness of the Hilton beds is not too soft nor too hard.

What Beddings Does Hilton Use?

Of course, mattresses are not the only thing that makes the Hilton bed comfortable because other beddings like duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, sheets, blankets, comforters, and other beddings can make a huge difference.

Especially pillows can make all the difference.

So you need to know that all bedding including pillows, toppers, sheets, and other bedding is manufactured by the serta simmons brand and available on their official site.

So you can buy Hilton bedding from their official website.

Can You Buy Hilton Mattress?

Yes, you can buy Hilton mattresses from their official website.

Most people think Hilton mattresses are exclusive mattresses that can be only found in their hotels and they do not sell their mattresses.

But you can see that Hilton Hotels sell their exclusive mattress on their official website.


Not only the mattress but also they sell their boxspring and other beddings.

Because using their original box spring with Hilton mattress can change the level of comfort to a whole another level.

But remember their mattresses can be so expensive, so if it allows in your budget then buying Hilton mattresses can be definitely worth it.

Does Hilton Sell Used Mattresses?

No, Hilton does not sell used mattresses because luxury top-class hotels like Hilton, Marriott, and others do not sell their used mattresses.

They donate their mattresses to charity.

So if you want to buy a used mattress because you don’t have the budget to buy a new Hilton mattress then it can be understandable because their mattresses are too expensive.

But unfortunately, they do not sell their used mattress but if you know the manager of the Hilton hotel then you can buy a used Hilton mattress and give your money to charity.

Final Words

If you wanted to buy Hilton mattresses then it can be expensive but believe me if you ever stayed in their hotels then there is no better bed than a Hilton bed.

The comfort and relaxing feeling you get in Hilton beds can be whole another level.

So if you are wondering what mattress Hilton use then they use serta mattresses specially made for Hilton hotels.

And you can buy Hilton’s new mattress from their official website but their mattresses can be expensive.

But remember mattresses are not the only thing that makes the bed comfortable other beddings and boxsprings can create a huge difference.

If you have any questions regarding Hilton beds then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.