If you stayed at a choice hotel then you must be wondering what mattress does choice hotels use.

According to my findings and research choice hotels use lots of different mattresses depending on the area and location of the hotel.

But most commonly choice hotels use beautyrest mattresses by simmons and serta mattresses.

First serta and simmons are both partners so that means the mattresses at choice hotels are crafted and manufactured by serta simmons beddings.

But which model of serta bed or beautyrest mattresses do Choice hotels use, what’s the model name of the mattress?

And why are so they comfortable? What’s so special about their mattresses, where you can buy them from?

What bedding does choice hotels use? Do they sell used mattresses?

If you have these questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

Let’s get started.

What Type of Mattress Does Choice Hotels Use?

As I said before, choice hotel use hybrid and innerspring mattresses in their hotels.

Innerspring or hybrid mattresses are the perfect combination of support and comfort.

And when you sleep on their mattress then coil system in their mattresses relieves your pressure points and relaxes your body.

Most luxury hotels including choice hotels, hilton, aloft, embassy suites, and other uses only hybrid mattresses.

Because the hybrid mattress is the perfect combination for hotel mattresses and has more longevity compared to memory foam.

What Mattress Does Choice Hotels Use?

Choice Hotels use the beautyrest mattresses and serta mattresses at their hotels.

And both serta and beautyrest mattress is known brand for high-end hotel mattresses.

Choice Hotel uses beautyrest 360 mattresses and Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Signature Collection.

These both are mattresses specially designed for luxury hotels and can be expensive.

I can’t tell how comfortable they are because you just feel like heaven when you sleep on them.

What Brand of Mattress Does Choice Hotels Use?

Choice hotels use serta mattresses and beautyrest mattresses by simmons.

Simmons and serta are both partners so the manufacturer of both mattresses is same is serta simmons beddings.

So all the mattresses at choice hotels are made by serta simmons beddings.

Serta simmons beddings are top hotel mattress manufacturer that makes mattresses for top luxury hotels like hilton, marriott, embassy suits, hard rock hotels, aloft hotels, and others.

So serta simmons is the number 1 hotel mattress manufacturer for luxury hotels.

You can imagine how comfortable their mattresses can be if they are created by the world’s number hotel manufacturing company.

What Beddings Does Choice Hotels Use?

Of course, mattresses are not the only thing that makes the overall bed comfortable because other beddings like sheets, duvets, mattress toppers, and pillows matter too.

And again all the bedding you see at choice hotels is manufactured and crafted by the same company which is serta simmons beddings.

You can purchase an entire collection with their bedding on their official website.

Because right pillows, or bedding can change the comfort of your bed to the next level.

Why Choice Hotel Mattresses are so comfortable?

Choice mattresses use one of the best and number 1 hotel mattresses so there is no doubt they are so comfortable.

The beautyrest 360 mattresses and Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Signature Collection are both high-end luxury hotel mattresses.

They both are hybrid mattresses with coil-based systems to provide the guest with more support, comfort, and pressure point relief.

They are both manufactured by the same company which is popular for making high-end luxury hotel mattresses.

And when you sleep on their bed then you literally feel like sleeping in the clouds like heaven.

I can’t tell you in words but if you ever stayed in choice hotel then you can experience the same feeling.

You should and you must sleep on their mattresses again at their hotels before you purchase them.

Because you have to make sure you are taking the right decision because their mattresses are so expensive and can break the bank.

Where to buy Choice Hotels Mattresses?

You can buy a choice hotel mattress from the official site of that mattress brand.

For example, if you are interested in buying a serta mattress then you can purchase their mattress from their official website.


Above is Serta’s hotel mattress collection.

For beautyrest 360 mattresses, you can also purchase them from their official website too.


But if you are confused and don’t know which mattress to select then don’t worry.

Serta Mattress Vs Beautyrest Mattress

Serta mattresses and beautyrest mattresses are made by the same hotel mattress manufacturing company so there is no doubt both are perfect.

But beautyrest mattress is perfect for people who are looking for a comfortable hotel mattress.

You should choose the mattress according to your budget and preference.

But my personal choice would be the beautyrest 360 mattresses because it is just heaven (with the right kind of bedding).

Does Choice Hotels Sell Used Mattress?

No, choice hotels do not sell used or old mattresses because as soon as their mattress gets old they just donate them to a charity firm.

But choice hotels always donate their mattresses in good condition.

They donate to the nearby charity firms from their hotel’s location.

So if you want to buy used mattresses by choice hotels then search the charity firm name that receives the donated mattresses from choice hotels and just purchase directly from the charity firm.

But I Recommend to not purchase used mattresses because no one knows what has been done to their mattresses,

So always avoid used mattresses and if you don’t have to purchase their new mattresses then you can just buy affordable hotel mattresses.

Final words

If you want to buy hotel mattresses because they are so comfortable then you should plan your budget because hotel mattresses can be expensive.

And you also need to purchase the other bedding too because the mattress alone won’t be enough.

So if you do have a budget then you should definitely purchase their mattresses.

If you have any questions regarding choice hotel mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.