If you are interested in Fairmont hotel’s mattress because they are so comfortable then you need to know what mattress does fairmont hotel use.

Depending on the area and location of the Fairmont hotel, they use three mattresses which are Fairmont Bed, Fairmont Signature Bed, and Fairmont Signature Sleep Experience.

But why their beds are so comfortable? if you want to buy a Fairmont hotel mattress then which one should you buy?

And what beddings do fairmont hotels use? And do they sell used mattresses?

If you have these questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

In this article, we will discuss all frequently asked questions about fairmont hotel’s mattresses and bedding.

Let’s get started.

What mattresses are used in Fairmont hotels?

There are three types of mattresses that are used in fairmont hotels right now.

The Fairmont Bed, The Fairmont Signature Bed, and Fairmont Signature Sleep Experience Bed.

The Fairmont Bed is a Posturepedic Luxury Pillow Top Mattress crafted by sealy, Fairmont Signature Bed is crafted and designed by Stearns and Foster company and fairmont signature sleep experience is also designed and crafted by Stearns and foster company.

1. The Fairmont Bed

The fairmont bed is a posturepedic luxury pillow top mattress and this mattress is crafted by sealy.

Sealy is a popular brand for making high-end hotel mattresses.

Sealy also manufactures hotel mattresses for four-season hotels, Sheraton hotels, and other top luxury hotel chains.

And you can expect then how much comfortable, supportive, and best this fairmont bed can be.

This mattress cradles you with its inner comfort layers and gives you a feeling like sleeping in the clouds.

If you purchase this fairmont bed then believe me, when you sleep on this mattress then you never have to count on sheep this mattress for sleeping because you will sleep like a baby.

The gel-infused memory foam not only makes you sleep cooler but also provides comfort and support to the overall body.

This mattress relieves the pressure points from your body and aligns your spine in one position.

This is 13. 5-inch mattress and you can also buy a boxspring with the mattress.

You need to provide a 30% return fee when you order (In case you return or cancel your order)

2. The Fairmont Signature Bed

The Fairmont Signature bed is crafted by Stearns and foster and this bed is also known as the Fairmont sealy stearns and foster luxury euro plush pillow top mattress.

This bed is made with the highest standards and better and more comfortable than previous ones.

The mattress has gel-infused memory foam, a breathable silk cover, and wool fibers and this bed is available in any size you want.

This mattress is 14.5 inches thicker and you need to provide a 30% return fee when you order.

3. The Fairmont Signature Sleep Experience Bed

This mattress is the highest luxurious and expensive mattress compared to other Fairmont mattresses.

This bed is recently innovated and much more comfortable, supportive, and expensive than the other two.

This bed is also crafted by stearns and foster and has a breathable silk cover and wool fibers.

This mattress is not available in most of the fairmont hotels because these mattresses are really expensive and guests of fairmont hotels love them.

This mattress also has a 30% return fee when you order this mattress.

What Brand of Mattress Does Fairmont Hotel Use?

The company that crafted fairmont hotel mattresses is stearns and foster.

Stearns Foster is well known popular mattress manufacturing brand for hotel mattresses.

They only craft and manufacture high-end luxury mattresses for luxury hotels like fairmont, sheraton, and hilton.

What Mattress Does Fairmont Hotel Use?

Fairmont hotels only use hybrid mattresses, all mattresses at their hotels are hybrid mattresses but most fairmont hotels use fairmont beds and fairmont signature beds.

They both are so comfortable and crafted by the highest standards.

The material inside their mattresses is top-notch fine quality.

So there is no doubt world’s top luxury hotel mattresses have this type of mattress.

And the company that manufactures this luxury mattress is the number 1 leading mattress manufacturer for high-end hotel mattresses.

What Beddings Does Fairmont Hotel Use?

Fairmont hotels use the fairmont bed, duvet, the fairmont Linens which includes sheets, duvet covers, and pillow sham. 

They also use the finest quality pillows, towel sets, and other bedding.

You can get these all beddings when you purchase any of their mattresses.

Yes, these all beddings are included when you buy their mattresses.

Because mattresses are not the only thing that makes the bedding comfortable other bedding like toppers, pillows, and linens matter too.

Where to Buy Fairmont Hotel Mattresses?

If you want to buy fairmont hotel mattresses then you can purchase them directly from their official website.

You can get all their bedding set when you purchase their mattresses.

There are three types of mattresses available on its official website so depending on your budget you can buy one of them.

And that mattress includes pillows, sheets, and other bedding too.

Does Fairmont Hotel Sell Used Mattresses?

No, fairmont hotel does not sell used mattresses because they are one of the top hotel chains in the world.

So instead of selling their old or used mattresses they just donate them to the charity firm.

And depending on the location of the hotel and nearby charity firm, they donate the mattresses.

So you can’t get used fairmont hotel mattresses.

Final words

I know hotel mattresses are so comfy but you need to also know that their mattresses can be expensive too.

Because they are crafted by one of the top hotel mattress manufacturing companies.

And they craft their mattresses exclusively for fairmont hotels so you can’t get their mattresses from anywhere but their official website.

So if you really want to buy fairmont hotel mattresses then make sure you choose the mattress depending on your budget and preference.

If you have any questions regarding fairmont hotel mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.