Just like our phones electric blankets are becoming a necessity for us, especially in cold weather.

So if you don’t want to get freeze at night then electric blankets can make you warm and comfortable but can electric blankets cause leg pain?

If you are searching for “Can electric blankets cause leg pain” then either you are buying a new electric blanket and heard a rumor about electric blankets causing leg pain or you are experiencing leg pain after the use of electric blankets.

The answer is yes, sometimes electric blankets cause leg pain in some people with peripheral nervous systems.

And there are some possible theories and solutions to this problem so don’t worry.

In this article, we will discuss the cause of your leg pain, is it electric blankets or something else?

We will also discuss some proven solutions to stop your leg and solve your body pain problem.

Let’s get started.

Electric Blankets and Leg Pain (What’s the Connection)

Some people might think what’s the connection between your electric blankets and leg pain?

First, you need to know this electric blankets can not create leg pain problem but if someone already has leg pain problem or any nervous system or nerve problem then electric blankets can worsen them.

And not only this electric blankets can make your leg pain worse in many ways.

Can Electric Blankets Cause Leg Pain?

Yes, electric Blankets can cause leg pain in some people in many ways, and there are different theories and research done by scientists that prove electric blankets are the main cause of leg pain.

Reason Why Electric Blankets Cause Leg Pain

Here are some top and main reasons why electric blankets cause leg pain in some people.

Reason 1: Muscle Pain & Blood Vessel Pain From the Heat of the Electric Blankets

When you use electric blankets the heat from the electric blankets can cause the muscles in your body to tense up.

And if you regularly use electric blankets then the muscles of your leg can tense up fastly compared to other muscles.

The heat from electric blankets also causes muscle spasms, this happens when muscles constantly contract and begin to cramp up and cause pain.

So this is how heat from the electric blankets may cause leg pain.

And another type of pain caused by the heat of the electric blankets may be blood vessel pain because the heat of the electric blankets causes blood vessel constriction which feels like a cramping sensation in your legs.

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Reason 2: Nerv Pain In Legs from the Current of the electric Blankets

When you use electric blankets to stay warm then electric blankets pass any form of current through the nerves of your body.

When it happens then sleeper may notice a feeling of tingling or burning sensation.

And electric blankets can increase the chances of nerve damage and when it happens then damaged nerves can not send signals to the brain which eventually leads to leg pain.

Reason 3: EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) From Electric Blankets

Electric blankets generate exposure to EMF which means electromagnetic fields which can interact with your body and cause you pain.

Emf can make your muscle pain worse and this is proven by scientists.

So when you regularly use electric blankets then it can only make your leg pain worse but also can create pain in other parts of your body like the hip, shoulders, and back.

Reason 4: Electric Blankets Can Increase Blood Flow 

When you use electric blankets regularly then it can increase the blood flow in your body which is not a good thing.

Because increasing blood flow in the legs and other muscles can be discomforting for lots of people.

And if the blankets are too warm or not positioned correctly then it can also create pressure points and leads to pain.

So you need to stay away from electric blankets.

How to Stop Leg Pain From Electric Blankets?

Before you follow some ways to stop leg pain from electric blankets, you need to know whether your electric blankets are the cause of your leg pain or not.

You can try sleeping without your electric blankets for a few days to check whether electric blankets are the actual cause or something else.

Follow these steps to stay warm with electric blankets without any leg pain.

  • Use electric blankets for only 60 minutes to prevent electric blankets to get too warm which can lead to leg pain.
  • Avoid Electic Blankets if you have diabetes, muscle soreness, pregnancy, pets, children, or elderly people.
  • Do not Fold or Bunch Up electric Blankets.
  • Check if the electric blankets are damaged before using them.
  • Always start with the lowest setting and gradually increase the heat level until it makes you comfortable and warm.
  • Avoid When Camping 

But if you are already facing leg pain during using electric blankets then you should stop using them for a few days.

Why is My Electric Blanket Causing Leg Pain?

There are different and various reasons why your electric blankets cause you to leg pain such as heat from electric blankets may increase the blood flow or current from electric blankets damaging your nerves.

And there are lots of reasons why you should not use electric blankets especially if you have any body pain or nerve pain syndrome.

Final Words

If you have electric blankets and if you are facing leg pain while using that blankets then you should stop right now.

Because there are lots of reasons why electric blankets are not safe for our bodies and lead to leg pain.

The heat and current from the electric blankets can be the cause of leg pain.

So if you want to stay warm during cold nights then you should try another different way to keep warm.

Because electric blankets are not the safest way to make yourself warm.

If you have any questions regarding leg pain and electric blankets then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.