If you have a purple mattress then you are one of the few who invest money to get comfortable sleep because, at the end of the day, sleep matters most.

Purple mattresses are the most popular and comfortable mattress in united states, but if you recently ordered a purple mattress and have questions like can you use the purple mattress on futon?

Then don’t worry we got you covered.

According to Purple’s Official Site, you should not use the purple mattress on futon, but there is clearly no reason why you should not use purple mattress on futon,

Maybe purple mattress won’t provide support or purple mattress can retain heat when you put it on the futon.

In this article, we will see some pros and cons of using purple mattress on futons and what’s my personal opinion.

And if not then what are other bedframes options you can choose for purple mattress?

Let’s get started.

Purple Mattress on Futon (All You Need to Know)

First, if we are talking about placing a purple mattress then there are two types of mattresses that purple offers.

  • Purple Original Mattress (Foam Mattress)
  • Purple Hybrid Mattress (Hybrid Mattress)

You can put the purple hybrid mattress on a futon without any doubts or questions because unlike memory foam the hybrid purple mattress does not trap heat when you put it on the futon.

But you need to consider the size of your purple mattress and the size of your futon bed frame.

Pros and Cons of Placing Purple Mattress on Futon


  • Make Purple Mattress better conforming your body
  • Futon is cheap compared to other expensive bedframes
  • You do not need to purchase a special bedframe for the purple mattress
  • You can move easily and make your bed portable
  • Better for your neck and back 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Best for all sleeping position
  • You can make purple sag-free and no sinkage.


  • Retain heat and not comfortable in warm seasons
  • Purple mattresses are not made for using it on futons.
  • Purple’s official team does not recommend using it on a futon
  • Can’t provide the same comfort when you use the purple mattress on the normal bed frame.
  • Purple mattresses can wear or tear faster on futons

As you can see there are both pros and cons to using a purple mattress on the futon, but you need to decide on your situation and condition.

Because if you already have a futon bed frame then you think you are saving money by not purchasing a bedframe for your purple.

But if you have already invested in an expensive mattress like purple then there is nothing bad about purchasing quality bedframes for your purple mattress.

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What bed frames are best for Purple?

There are lots of types of bed frames you can use for purple mattresses other than futon bedframes.

  • Metal bed frames
  • Wooden bed frames
  • Platform beds
  • Box spring

Yes, you can even use a boxspring as a bedframe but the purple mattress is a most modern mattress, so you do not need to use a boxspring for the bedframe.

But there are other better options than futons as bed frames like metal bed frames or platform beds.

But they can be expensive so you need to keep this in that mind.

If you want to choose between wooden slats bed frame or a metal bed frame then always choose a metal bed frame.

Because metal bedframes are more stronger and long-lasting than wooden bed frames.

So in my opinion, you should purchase a metal bed frame if you have a limited budget for a bed frame but if you want to invest in a good quality bed frame then choose a platform bed as a bedframe.

Why it’s not recommended to use Purple Mattress on Futon

Purple mattresses are originally meant to be used on solid bedframes like wooden and metal bed frames.

You can also use a boxspring if you want but it’s not recommended to use the futon as a base for a purple mattress.

Most people use the futon as bed frame for a purple mattress because the futon is cheap.

But purple mattresses are not meant to be used on futons.

But if you do not have any choice then lay a memory foam mattress topper on the futon then you can put the purple mattress on it.

But it’s recommended to use proper bed frames like metal, wooden, and platform beds as base for purple mattress.

Most Important Factor: For Using Purple Mattress on Futon

If you are using a purple mattress on futon, then always remember what size of futon you have for a purple mattress.

Because if the futon frame is small or too big then you can damage the purple mattress and also make your sleep miserable.

Always choose the right size of futon for your purple mattress.

Final Words

You can use the purple mattress on futon if you want but make sure you know all the drawbacks.

And also make sure the right of the futon frame is perfect for your purple mattress.

But if you use the purple mattress on futon then your purple mattress won’t last long as if you place your purple mattress on the regular bed frame.

My personal option is to purchase the right kind of bed frame for your purple mattress because the last thing you want is to damage your expensive purple mattress.

Using a purple mattress on a futon not only makes your sleep uncomfortable but can also damage the mattress.

If you have any questions about putting the purple mattress on futon then you can ask them directly in the comment section of this article.