If you ever stayed at the best Western hotels then you must have slept like a baby.

Because Best Western’s mattresses are so comfortable and supportive so if you want to know what mattress does best western use then, please read on.

Best Western mainly uses two mattresses first Beautyrest by Simmons and the second Sterling Sleep Hospitality Mattress.

Both mattresses are so comfortable and known for their unique features.

In this article, we will discuss what types of mattresses does best Western hotels use, why are they so comfortable, and which is the best one.

We will also discuss, what beddings and pillows do best Western use and how you can buy their mattresses and beddings.

Let’s get started.

What Mattress Does Best Western Use?

The mattresses used at Best Western hotels depend on which room you choose and the hotel’s location.

Best Western hotels use lots of different types of mattresses but most use only Beautyrest mattresses and Sterling Sleep Hospitality Mattresses.

And both are known for their luxury and comfort.

These mattresses are trusted and used by lots of different luxury hotels like Marriott, Sheraton, Four Seasons and others.

What Type of Mattress Does Best Western Use?

Most luxury hotels including the Best Western use innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Because the coils and foam layer in the mattress can make a great combination of comfort and support.

The foam layer acts as a comfort layer and provides comfort and relaxation to the sleeper’s body.

At the same time, the coils in the support layers relieve the pressure points from the sleeper’s body and align the spine and the body.

That’s why most hotels including Best Western hotels use innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

The Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Hospitality Mattress is an innerspring and hybrid model of the mattress.

Who Makes the Best Western Mattress?

As mentioned, the Best Western mainly uses two mattresses which are Beautyrest and Sterling Sleep Mattress.

The Beautyrest mattress is designed and crafted by Simmons Beddings and the Sterling Sleep mattress is manufactured and designed by Sterling Sleep Hospitality Beddings.

Both mattresses are manufactured and designed by leading hotel mattress manufacturing companies.

So you can imagine how comfortable their mattresses can be.

Why Best Western Hotel Mattresses Are so Comfortable?

The mattresses used at best Western hotels are made with fine ingredients with top-notch and high-quality materials.

Best Western only uses high-end luxury hotel mattresses manufactured by the leading hotel mattress manufacturing company.

So you can expect less from the leading mattress manufacturing company.

Their beds are a combination and balance of comfort and support.

The cooling gel in their layers and pressure relieving layers in their mattress can make the sleeper sleep like a baby.

So no matter how much back, neck, thigh, shoulder, and any body pain you have, your pain will be relieved when you sleep on their mattresses.

The Beautyrest mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses in the world.

What Beddings Does Best Western Use?

Beddings are one of the most important things to make your bed more comfortable because a mattress alone does not make your bed fully comfortable.

Beddings like sheets, blankets, linens, pillows, toppers, and mattress protectors also matter.

All these beddings are manufactured by Simmons beddings.

How to buy Best Western Hotels Mattress?

If you want to buy their mattresses then you need to choose which one to buy.

Because Best Western mainly uses Beautyrest mattresses and Sterling Sleep Mattresses.

So once you decide which one to buy then you can buy their mattress.

For buying the Beautyrest mattress you can check out this:


For sterling sleep hospitality mattress you can check this:


Both are their official website, so you can buy the mattress directly from their brand websites.

Beautyrest Vs Sterling Sleep Hospitality Mattress

Both mattresses are one of the best hotel mattresses in the world.

Because the materials and comfort layers inside both mattresses are top-notch and high quality.

Based on SleepingSnap’s internal team of mattress testers, if you want to buy a hotel mattress for your daily use in your home then you should go for Beautyrest by Simmons beddings.

The Beautyrest mattress is much more comfortable and supportive than the Sleep Hospitality mattress.

But make sure you have the right budget because their mattresses can be so expensive.

Does Best Western Hotel Sell Used Mattresses?

No, Best Western hotels do not sell any used or old mattresses.

Because either they donate them or recycle them for reuse.

When their mattresses are in good condition then they just donate them to a nearby charity firm and when their mattress is not in good condition then they recycle their mattresses.

We also do not recommend that you purchase an old or used mattress from a hotel because hotel mattresses can be full of bacteria.

So always go for a new mattress and if you do not have the budget to buy a new one then you can choose any cheap alternative.

Final Words

What mattress does Best Western use?

If you are looking to buy luxury hotel mattresses when you stay in luxury hotels then you must have slept like a baby.

And once you plan a vacation or business trip and when you sleep on Best Western’s bed then you must wonder what mattress they use.

Because you just want the same mattress in your home too.

Their mattresses are comfortable, supportive and relaxing so if you want the same then you just have to purchase the Beautyrest mattresses from their official website.

And believe me, people who purchased Beautyrest mattresses are now sleeping like a baby.

If you have any questions regarding the best western hotel mattress then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.

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