If you have a Tempurpedic mattress then no matter how much they advertise themselves as a “temperature friendly or cool mattress,

But tempurpedic mattresses are made up of memory foam and memory foam is known for trapping heat.

And lots of people facing overheating on tempurpedic mattresses and asking questions like why is my tempurpedic mattress so hot?

In Short, for a cooling tempurpedic mattress you can use a cooling sheet, or slatted base for more airflow or use a natural wool mattress pad.

In this article, we will discuss what are reasons for overheating on tempurpedic mattress, why you are sleeping hot on tempurpedic mattress,

And how you can cool down your tempurpedic mattress and get a comfortable sleep.

Let’s get started.

Why Is My Tempurpedic Mattress So Hot?

There can be lots of reasons why your tempurpedic mattress is so hot but the main and obvious reason why you are overheating on a tempurpedic mattress is that tempurpedic mattresses are made of memory foam mattress.

And memory foam is nothing but polyurethane foam which is known for trapping heat.

The structure of memory foam causes overheating and reduces air circulation so heat stays trapped near your body.

According to statistics, the average American sweats nearly one liter of sweat each night, and sweating on mattresses, especially on memory foam mattresses can overheat the mattress.

Memory foam mattresses like tempurpedic can trap more heat if you are a couple and sleeping side by side.

So if you are overheating on your tempurpedic mattress and asking yourself why is tempurpedic mattress so hot and how can I cool down tempurpedic mattress then don’t worry.

We got you covered.

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How to Cool Down Tempurpedic Mattress From Overheating

If you are overheating on a tempurpedic mattress and wanted to cool down tempurpedic mattress then in this session,

We will provide you with some proven ways to cool down tempurpedic mattresses.

Way 1: Change Your Mattress Foundation.

If the foundation of your tempurpedic mattress is a solid platform foundation or ground then it can reduce the airflow which can lead to more heat when you sleep on the bed.

Use a slatted bed frame under your tempurpedic mattress, these bedframes can increase the overall airflow and helps the tempurpedic mattress to cool down.

So if you just use this simple trick then you can see a significant difference.

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Way 2: Add Cooling Mattress Topper

If you just add a mattress pad or cooling mattress topper on the top of your tempurpedic mattress then you can easily cool down your tempurpedic mattress.

Choose a wool or cotton mattress pad or topper on your mattresses because their natural property will increase the air circulation between your skin and bed.

A wool mattress pad or topper can increase breathability, and air flow, keep moisture away, and create a sandwich effect to help regulate your tempurpedic mattress at all angles.

Way 3: Use Cooling Bed Sheets

As its name suggest a cooling bed sheet can improve the cooling on your mattress and allow your body heat to dissipate more easily.

Choose natural bamboo bed sheets set especially if you sweat a lot in your bed.

Because bamboo can wick away moisture to help you stay dry and cool.

Way 4: Change Your Pillows

Most people who are overheating on their bed always don’t pay attention on which pillows are they using.

When your head gets hot while you sleep then your body will automatically raise its temperature and make your mattress and body hotter.

So if you are using a memory foam pillow then you need to change your pillows to natural fiber-filled pillows.

You can use bamboo, buckwheat, feather, or cotton pillows.

All those pillows have natural materials which do not trap heat and make you sleep more cooler and comfortably.

Way 5: Control Other things

When you sleep on your bed then you should always use cotton or linen pajamas which will reduce heat and increase airflow.

And if you are still facing overheating after all of this then you can take a bag of water or ice in front of the fan to reduce air temperature.

Remember to put your fan’s speed at medium because noises from the fan or outside can disturb your sleep.

Final Words

If your tempurpedic mattress is too hot then you can use a cooling mattress pad or sheet to make your mattress cool.

Or you can change your mattress base to a slatted base to increase air flow.

Open windows and put a water or ice bag in front of your fans to create a more cooling effect when you sleep.

And don’t forget to switch your pillow to natural pillows because if you are using other types of pillows such as memory foam or polyester then it can trap more heat,

Which will make your sleep worse so you need to use a cotton or wool mattress pillows and pads to make you feel cool.

If you have any questions regarding cooling a tempurpedic mattress then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.