A tempurpedic mattress is a memory foam mattress, and unlike other memory foam mattresses, Tempurpedic also uses polyurethane.

And lots of people ask me, does Tempurpedic mattress cause cancer?

Technically Yes, Tempurpedic mattress can cause cancer because Tempurpedic mattress is a memory foam mattress and all memory foam mattresses are made with the polyurethane which is nothing but a byproduct of petroleum.

And this polyurethane material is a mixture of harmful chemicals like boric acid, formaldehyde, polyvinyl chloride, and other types of petrochemicals that form memory foam.

And these materials can cause cancer.

So this rise a huge question in your mind? Am I right?

But don’t worry if you considering buying a Tempurpedic mattress then I have a solution for you that will solve all these problems.

So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Are All Memory Foam Mattresses Toxic & cause Cancer?

Yes, all memory foam can cause cancer because all memory foam is made with polyurethane.

And VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) is used in the process of manufacturing memory foam mattress.

And formaldehyde is one of the VOCs used in this manufacturing process, and this formaldehyde is known to cause cancer in lots of people.

So technically yes, memory foam mattresses can cause cancer.

Why I am saying “technically” because if you know the right way to open memory foam mattresses then this won’t be a problem.

Because memory foam mattresses only air out these harmful chemicals in the process of off-gassing.

And if you do this step correctly then it won’t be a problem.

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What’s the Solution

The solution is simple and easy.

Don’t think too much, because all memory foam mattresses have off-gassing when it’s new.

And you just have to wait until the mattress completely finishes its off-gassing period.

Lots of people open their new mattresses and smell the off-gassing smell which is an unpleasant odor.

And people with weak immune systems can become sick.

So you need to wear a mask and unbox your mattress then you can leave the mattress in a separate room for about 1 week.

During this period, all memory foam mattresses will complete their off-gassing period.

Sometimes, it can take up to 2 weeks for a mattress to complete the off-gassing process it depending on the mattress to mattress.

But usually, you should wait at least 2 weeks until the mattress completes its off-gassing process.

And do not sleep on a Tempurpedic mattress until the two weeks are completed.

And once it’s done, then you don’t have to think about these chemicals because these VOCs will air out during the Off-gassing Process.

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Does Tempurpedic mattress cause cancer?

Yes, it can cause cancer if you smell the off-gassing smell of a Tempurpedic mattress.

And people with weak immune who smell this off-gassing smell may fall sick.

So you need to put your Tempurpedic mattress in a separate room for at least 1 to 2 weeks until the mattress completes its off-gassing process.

There is no need to worry too much because all memory foam mattresses have these off-gassing smells.

You just need to stay away from your mattress until the off-gassing process completes.

And all models from Tempurpedic are CertiPUR-US Certified and meet all the industry standards.

Tempurpedic mattresses have low off-gassing because the manufacturers of Tempurpedic designs such as the mattress will complete its off-gassing process when it’s in the warehouse.

But don’t take any risks, stay away from the Tempurpedic mattress until 2 weeks.

After that, I will Garrenty you that there is no need to worry about this.

Do Tempurpedic mattresses give off gases?

Yes, unlike all other memory foam mattresses Tempurpedic mattress is also a memory foam mattress and comes with the bed-in-box concept.

And polyurethane is used to manufacture memory foam mattresses and this polyurethane contains VOC like formaldehyde and boric acid.

So these chemicals will release when Tempurpedic mattress starts its off-gassing,

And you must not sleep on your Tempurpedic mattress until the off-gassing process is completes.

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How long do Tempurpedic mattresses off gas?

The off-gassing smell of the Tempurpedic mattress will fade away in one to two weeks so you should stay away from the mattress until the off-gassing process is completed.

So Tempurpedic mattress takes up to 1 to 2 weeks for the off-gassing process to complete.

How Memory Foam Was Found?

The material inside of memory foam was first found in shock-absorbing material designed for NASA.

And now the materials are used everywhere.

This material works by displaying pressure under the force and causes the force to spread rather than concentrate.

And this material is used in all memory foam mattresses, this material is really helpful for people with back pain.

Premium memory foam mattresses like Tempurpedic uses high-quality polyurethane which is safe from all these toxic chemicals.

And there is also no fiberglass inside of the Tempurpedic mattress because Tempurpedic mattresses are certified by CertiPUR-US.

And All CertiPUR-US mattresses do not contain harmful flame retardants like fiberglass.

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Final Words on does Tempurpedic mattress cause cancer.

Let me be honest with you, all memory foam mattresses including Tempurpedic cause cancer only if you don’t interfere with its off-gassing process.

And all memory foam mattresses have an off-gassing smell and the odor has an unpleasant smell because this gas contains VOC (volatile Organic Compound).

And these VOCs can have harmful chemicals like boric acid, formaldehyde, and others.

So people with weak immune can become sick if they smell this off-gassing smell.

So I suggest you put your mattress outside for 1 to 2 weeks until it completes its off-gassing process.

And once it’s done then you won’t have any problem in future.

So if you have any questions regarding tempurpedic mattress then you can ask me in the comment section of this article.