If you recently bought a saatva mattress or planning to buy saatva mattress then there may be questions on your mind like,

Does saatva mattress need a box spring?

Then the answer is, No you do not box spring for a saatva mattress you can fit a saatva mattress to any mattress foundation.

And Boxsprings are also for older types of beds and saatva mattress is a modern bed so there are far better options available for saatva mattress.

Options like bed foundation, platform beds, Adjustable bed bases and many more but you can also use boxspring if you want,

But believe me, boxspring can make a hell lot of squeaky noise and it can disturb your sleep.

But if you use a box springs with metal bed frames then it can elevate your mattress so squeaky noise won’t come out.

First upon we are going to discuss what is box springs and other types of foundations, what are key differences, and what the advantages & disadvantages of using a boxspring vs bed foundations.

We are going to also discuss which is the best bed foundation for your saatva mattress.

What is Box Spring & What is Bed Foundation (Key Difference)

A Box spring is just a rectangular wooden box that you can put under your mattress and it is filled with metal coils and its sides are covered with fabric.

And at the same time, a foundation is a wooden box with wooden slats on the top and covered with breathable cloth like organic cotton.

And mattress foundations don’t have springs like box springs so mattress foundations won’t create squeaky noise.

And bed foundations are way more durable and look more attractive than traditional box springs.

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Does Saatva mattress need a box spring?

Does Saatva Mattress Need A Box Spring

Box springs are not necessary for a saatva mattress because you can place a saatva mattress on any firm or solid surface like a bed frame, foundation, or bed base.

And there are way better options available for saatva mattresses than boxsprings.

But other options are sometimes expensive but it’s worth the money.

But if you want to use traditional box springs with your saatva mattress then you can also use a boxspring.

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Do you need Bedframes for saatva mattress?

First, bedframes are part of the setup and bedframes hold the foundation.

There are two options available in bedframes wooden & metal.

If you are using a foundation for a saatva mattress then you need to use metal frames with your foundation.

And yes you need bed frames for the saatva mattress if you use mattress foundation.

If you are using a platform bed or adjustable base then you won’t need bedframes for the saatva mattress.

Types of Bedframes & Foundation for Saatva Mattress

If you are using a mattress foundation or box spring then you will need a metal bedframe to hold your mattress foundation or box spring.

But if you use platform beds or adjustable beds then you won’t need to use bedframes.

So let’s look at which types of bedframes & Foundations are available for saatva mattresses.

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1. Box Spring 

Box springs are older bed foundations that provide support and additional cushioning to your mattress.

But box springs can be very noisy which can disturb your sleep. And also coils in box springs can break down over time which can lead to sagging.

And you also need to use metal or wooden bedframes with box springs, it’s not necessary because lots of people put boxsprings and mattresses directly on the floor.

2. Mattress Foundation 

As I said before, a mattress foundation is a wooden box with wooden slats on the top.

And these mattress foundations are better than traditional boxsprings because they don’t create squeaky noise and provide strong support & highly durable.

You need to use a metal beframe to elevate your mattress from the ground.

3. Adjustable bed bases

An adjustable bed is a better option than box springs or mattress foundations but adjustable bed bases are also expensive.

You can adjust the position of your bed base according to your comfort and support.

Adjustable bed bases also have some cool features like massage settings, voice control options, silent alarms, and remote-controlled under-bed lighting.

And of course, you don’t have to purchase a metal bedframe for this one.

4. Platform bed bases

A platform bed base can be metal, wooden, or upholstered depending on your preference.

And with a platform base, the mattress can sit directly on the platform whose top can be a solid surface or wooden slats.

And platform bed bases are more durable than boxsprings, mattress foundations, and adjustable bed bases but it’s so expensive.

What kind of bed frameworks for saatva mattress

Does Saatva Mattress Need A Box Spring

Saatva mattresses are compatible and can fit on any type of surface.

You can also put the mattress and foundation directly on the floor without using any bedframes but using a bedframe can elevate your mattress and gives longer life to the mattress foundation or boxspring.

There are two types of bedframes available for saatva mattresses wooden bedframes & metal bedframes

But metal bedframe has more lifespan and works excellent for saatva mattresses.

Can I Put Saatva Mattress directly on the floor?

No, you can’t put a saatva mattress directly on the floor because you will need to put a boxspring or bed foundation under your mattress.

And you can put a boxspring or foundation with the mattress directly on the floor without using any bedframes.

But you can elevate your saatva mattress with bedframes for a longer lifespan.

And don’t put the saatva mattress alone on the floor otherwise you can damage your mattress.

Are box springs necessary for Saatva Mattress?

No, it’s not necessary to use a boxspring for the saatva mattress but you need to use mattress foundation for the saatva mattress because you can’t just put the saatva mattress directly on the floor.

So saatva mattress doesn’t need box springs as long as you use mattress foundations and bed frames.

 But if you already have a box spring then you can use it for a saatva mattress but the problem with traditional box springs is,

They can be very noisy so you need to use a bed frame along with a boxspring.

Final words

Saatva mattresses are modern types of beds so you can fit saatva mattress into any mattress foundation,

You can use a boxspring if you want because using a box spring isn’t necessary.

Because there are way better options available for saatva mattresses than traditional box springs but other options can be expensive.

But if you really want to use a box spring then use a metal bed frame with a box spring so it will prevent squeaky noise from the box spring by elevating the mattress and box spring from the ground.