Dreamcloud mattresses are one of the best mattresses on the market.

But if for any reason, you want to return your dreamcloud mattress then it’s really important for you to know dreamcloud mattress’s return policy or how to return dreamcloud mattress.

First, let me tell you,

Dreamcloud’s return policy is amazing compared to the other brands.

Dreamcloud offers 365 Days Risk-Free Trial, so you can return dreamcloud mattresses anytime before 365 days.

You can literally use dreamcloud mattress for 364 days and return your mattress and also claim your full return.

But there are some restrictions and conditions in dreamcloud mattress return policy.

So let’s start how to return dreamcloud mattress (step by step) & know Dreamcloud mattress full return policy.

How to Return Dreamcloud Mattress (step by step)

For returning dreamcloud mattress you need to follow exact same steps and regulations that we are going to talk about in this article.

But first here are some restrictions on dreamcloud mattress’s return policy.

Restrictions & Eligibility For Returning Dreamcloud Mattress

how to return dreamcloud mattress
  • The mattress can not get damaged or dirty
  • The return should be within 365 nights trial period. (365 Days Trials begins after the Mattress arrived at your home)
  • Approve all the Return Requests before processing
  • White gloves extra service charge is not refundable
  • If the mattress is opened 90 days after the delivery then you can’t initiate a refund.
  • Return can be only initiated from 6 am to 6 pm PST & their team is available 7 days a week.
  • You can also process an Exchange instead of Return. Just talk with their return specialist.

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Step 1: Initiate a Return

To initiate a return, you need to either call Dreamcloud at 1-855-976-4860 or email them at returns@dreamcloudsleep.com.

Once you are eligible for a return, then their staff will work with you to get the return process.

And dreamclouds staff will ask you to donate your mattress to a charity organization rather than shipping back to them.

Step 2: Do not Donate your Mattress until speak to Dreamcloud’s Staff

Don’t donate your mattress until you speak with dreamcloud mattress’s return specialist.

And if you want to donate your mattress then dreamcloud mattress will arrange mattress pick up by the nearest local organization.

Step 3: Process the Return & Claim Refund

After the return is processed, you will get your full refund minus the value of discounts that you received or promotional items.

You will get your full refund within 7 business days,

Promotional items also can be get returned but you need to process returns for them separately.

Step 4: Return promotional items that you received alongside the mattress

If you also want to return promotional items then you need to process the return separately and in the process, you will have two options,

One, you can return a promotional item and get a full refund that is equal to an amount discounted from your mattress or,

You can simply keep the items and use them.

But you need to remember mattress returns can not be processed until 30 days is completed.

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Tips for Returning Dreamcloud Mattress

If you want to return dreamcloud mattress then here are some tips for returning dreamcloud mattress.

  • Initiate the return process sooner to get a refund as soon as possible
  • If you face an issue with your order or if you change your mind about the type of mattress and now you want a different type then do not open your mattress when it arrives.
  • Think twice before starting the return process because once it started then its very difficult to cancel the return process.

How to Return Dreamcloud’s Pillow, sheets & Mattress Protector

The process of returning dreamcloud’s pillow, sheets, and mattress protector is the same as returning dreamcloud mattresses.

Restrictions & Eligibility For Returning Dreamcloud’s Pillow, sheets & Protector

  • Returns are only Approved 30 nights from the delivery date.
  • Pillows & sheets must be undamaged & clean
  • The mattress protector must be unopened.

Step 1: Initiate a Return

Either call their return team at 1-855-976-4860 or email them at returns@dreamcloudsleep.com with photos for proof.

Once you are eligible for a return then they initiate the return process.

Step 2: Donate or Claim a Refund

They will ask you for donating the mattress to your nearest local charity firm.

If you want to donate your mattress then you can ask them.

But if you want to claim your full refund then you need to ask them for a full refund.

Step 3: Process the Refund 

After the return process is completed then you can get your full refund in under 7 business days.

You can also reach out DreamCloud Sleep Concierge at dreamcloudsleep.com for further queries.

DreamCloud Return Policy

Dreamcloud’s return policy is simple and fast.

But you need to process the return separately for each of the items from dreamcloud.

Dreamcloud Mattress Return Policy

As I said before, Dreamcloud Mattress Offers 365 Days Free Trial.

So you can return your dreamcloud mattress under 365 days but you can not process the return until 30 days is completed.

Because Dreamcloud asks that you at least try their mattress for 30 days.

You can also keep the promo items that you received with the mattress for free if you want.

Dreamcloud Pillows, Sheets, and Mattress Protectors Return Policy

The return policy for dreamcloud’s pillow, sheets, and mattress protectors same as their mattress return policy.

But pillows and sheets need to be clean and undamaged. And they only accept mattress protector if they are unopened.

DreamCloud Bed Frames and Bases Return Policy

If you want to return dreamcloud’s bed frame or base then you need to return them within 50 days.

And you can’t get a refund for their delivery charges.

What Is The Dreamcloud Return Experience Like?

Dreamcloud’s return experience is great and fast.

Lots of other mattress brands make customers suffer during the return process.

But in Dreamcloud, the return process is easy and simple.

You will get a full refund under 30 days after you process the return.

And when you decided to initiate a return then dreamcloud’s return team will guide you and help you in every step.

So their support is extraordinary.


Returning a Dreamcloud mattress is so simple and easy.

Whatever the reason is for the return as long as you eligible for the return process then you can initiate your return and get a full refund.

You can also keep promotional things that you got with the mattress.

Overall the returning dreamcloud mattress is an amazing experience for customers.