Accidents like vomiting, urination, or spills can happen.

So if you or anyone accidentally vomited on your bed and pillow then you need to know how to clean vomit from pillow and the bed.

Because vomit smell and stain can be strong and won’t be removed easily but if you know some proven ways to remove vomit from your pillow and bed then removing vomit from the pillow is just a piece of cake.

But you need to remember, speed is the crucial thing in this process because the more you wait the tougher the vomit stains can get.

So as soon as you found your bed get’s vomited then you have to do these steps quickly for removing vomit smell and stains from your pillow and bed.

In this article, we will discuss some proven ways to remove vomit from a pillow and how you can protect your bed in the future.

Let’s get started.

Can you Machine Wash Pillows?

Yes, you can machine wash all types of pillows except memory foam because memory foam pillows can’t be washed in the washing machine.

The memory foam material can get damaged when you wash the memory foam pillows in the washer.

And if you do not have memory foam pillows then put the washer on gentle mode with mild detergent.

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3 Proven Ways to Clean Vomit From Pillows 

Here are three proven and tested ways to remove vomit from pillows and bedding.

Way 1: Vinegar and Baking Soda Method

This is the easiest way to clean vomit from a pillow without hustle.

For this method, you will need a paper towel, white vinegar, a spray bottle, baking soda, and a vacuum cleaner.

Before doing anything make sure you have soaked all excess liquid from the affected area of the pillow and bed.

Because if the vomit is fresh then try to absorb excess vomit as much as possible with a towel.

Once it’s done, remove all bedding and pillowcases and throw them into the washer with mild detergent and a gentle cycle.

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Step 1: Create a Solution

Mix equal parts of vinegar with equal parts of water and pour the solution into the spray bottle.

Mix the solution well but do not shake the bottle.

And now spray the solution over the affected pillow and bed areas.

Step 2: wait for 15 minutes and absorb

Once you spray the solution, wait for 15 minutes and absorb the excess solution with a paper towel.

Once the solution is absorbed, take some baking soda and sprinkle the baking soda over the pillow and your bed.

Step 3: Wait for 6 to 8 Hours and Vacuum Up

After sprinkling baking soda again wait for at least 6 hours and vacuum up all baking soda particles with your vacuum cleaner.

Once it’s done, the stain and smell of vomit have been gone.

Way 2: Mild Soap Solution

To prepare this cleaning solution, mix one part of mild soap with three parts of warm water in the container.

Then take a paper towel or clean towel and deep it into this solution and spot-clean the stain until it gets disappear.

This solution removes the vomit stains from the pillow but also deodorizes your pillow.

Now, wait until your mattress gets completely dry.

Way 3: Enzyme Cleaner Method

This is one of the most effective and strong methods to remove vomit or dried vomit stains from your pillow and your bed.

If the vomit on your pillow or bed gets dried or if the above method won’t work then you can use this strong solution to remove vomit stains from your pillow and the mattress.

Take one part of the enzyme cleaner with three parts of water, mix the solution well, and pour this solution into a spray bottle.

Spray this solution on the affected areas of your pillow and the bed.

Once it’s done, wait for at least 15 minutes and soak up the excess solution again.

Now you can add a few drops of essential oil for a great fragrance and dry out your bed and pillow for at least 2 to 3 hours.

So these were some proven ways to remove vomit from a pillow.

How to Remove Dried Vomit From Pillow

If the vomit on the pillow has already been dried, you can use an enzyme cleaner to remove dried vomit from the pillow.

Enzyme cleaners are specially made for removing protein inside the vomit and removing the vomit stains completely.

You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your pillow for a great fragrance.

How to Get Rid of Vomit Smell out of Pillow?

You can use essential oil, white vinegar, baking soda, or commercial odor remover for removing the vomit smell from your pillow.

Because the smell of vomit can be strong so you need to remove vomit from the pillow as soon as you notice.

How to Protect Pillow and bed From Vomit

For protecting your pillow and bed from future accidents, you can use a mattress cover to protect your mattress and use waterproof pillowcases to protect your pillows.

Using waterproof materials can protect your pillow and bed from future accidents like vomiting, urinating, and other types of spills.

You can use a pillow protector which is specially designed for pillows to protect it against future accidents.

Final Words

There are lots of different ways to clean vomit from a pillow but make sure you choose one and apply those methods quickly,

Because in this process speed is the most important thing.

The sooner you remove the vomit from your pillow and bed the sooner you can remove the stains from your pillow.

Because once the vomit has been dried then it can become difficult to remove dried vomit stains from pillows.

You can’t machine wash most of the pillows, so you need to remove the pillowcases and wash the pillowcases in the washer with a gentle cycle and mild detergent.

And for a pillow, you can use the spot-cleaning method with a solution to remove vomit from the pillow.

So this is how you can remove vomit from the pillow, if you have any questions regarding removing vomit from the pillow then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.