If your mattress smell like weed then the last thing you want to sleep on is a mattress that is extremely bad and smells like weed.

So maybe a question arises on your mattress “why does my mattress smell like weed?

And how you can get rid of that smell?

You can’t just throw away your mattress in the washer to remove the weed smell, right?

The short and simple solution is you can use enzyme-based spray or cleaner, vinegar, baking soda, or activated charcoal.

In this article, we will deep dive into how to remove weed smell from mattresses and how you should protect your mattress from these types of smells.

Let’s get started.

Reasons Why Does My Mattress Smell Like Weed (3 Reasons)

There can be three reasons why your mattress smells like weed, first if your mattress is new, and if your new mattress causing a weed smell then it’s happening because of off-gassing which we will discuss in a bit.

And the second reason is if your mattress is old and smells like weed then this smell can be caused by bacteria and mold growth in your mattress.

The third reason is if your mattress smells like weed that can also mean anyone smoked weed on your mattress.

Reason 1: Off-Gassing In Mattresses

If you recently purchased a new mattress but your new mattress especially a memory foam mattress smells like weed then you don’t need to worry at all.

All mattresses during manufacturing use VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) which causes a bad smell in mattresses after unboxing the mattress.

Nearly all mattresses especially foam mattresses have this bad smell which is also called an off-gassing smell.

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Reason 2: Bacteria Growth

If your mattress is old then it can accumulate lots of sweat, moisture, dirt, and debris which will lead the mattress to mold or mildew.

And mold or bacteria growth also causes unpleasant smells like fish, rotten eggs, or weed.

So this may be another reason why your mattress smell like weed.

Reason 3: Smoking Weed on Mattress

If you or any of your family member smokes on your bed then it can also cause the mattress to smell like weed.

But if you or anyone do not smoke on your bed then there is bacteria growth or an off-gassing smell.

Let’s know how you can get rid of the weed smell from the mattress.

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How to Get Weed Smell Out From Mattress

Removing the weed smell from your mattresses is piece of cake if you know the proven ways.

In this session, let’s discuss some proven ways to remove the weed smell from the mattress.

Way 1: Baking Soda Method

This way is the simplest, fastest, and most affordable way to remove the weed smell from your mattress.

Baking soda is a common household item that you can find in your kitchen and baking soda is known for neutralizing the bad odor.

Remove the bedding like sheets, comforters, mattress pads, mattress covers, pillows, and everything.

Throw the washable beddings like pillowcases, sheets, and blankets in your washer and put the cycle on gentle mode with mild detergent.

Meanwhile, sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress and rub it well.

Let the baking soda sit for at least 6 hours and vacuum up all baking soda after 6 hours.

Boom, the smell of weed is gone by now.

Way 2: Ventilation For Off-gassing Smell in Mattress

So if your mattress is new and has an off-gassing smell then this method is for you.

Usually, all mattresses emit a bad odor during their initial days.

So the odor can also smell like weed, in this case, you need to air out your mattress as much as possible.

You need to open windows, turn on fans and make your overall room ventilated.

If the smell is too strong then you can put your mattress in another room until it completed its off-gassing period.

On average a new mattress can emit an off-gassing smell for up to 14 days.

If your mattress is still smelling after 14 days then you have to contact the support team of your mattress brand.

Way 3: Enzyme-Based Sprays

Enzyme-based sprays are made to remove organic smells like urine, vomit, blood, and even off-gassing smell.

All you have to do just purchase an enzyme-based spray and spray it on your mattress.

These sprays can remove and neutralize bad odors like a weed, and other types of smells.

But these sprays are best for new mattresses that are causing an off-gassing smell.

Way 4: White Vinegar Method

Vinegar is one of the best affordable ways to remove all types of bad odors including the weed smell.

Let’s take half cup of white vinegar and half a cup of water.

Mix them together and pour the solution into the spray bottle and spray the solution on the overall mattress.

Once you spray the solution, wait for at least 20 minutes.

Then take a dry cloth or paper towel and absorb the excess solution, sprinkle some baking soda, and vacuum up the baking soda after a few hours.

So this is how you can get rid of the weed smell of the mattress.

Way 5: Use Mattress Cover

If your mattress especially a memory foam mattress smells like weed then you can try to get rid by using the above tricks.

But the weed smell is coming from inside the mattress and if it’s too strong then all of those methods can fail.

So you need to try all the above methods to remove the weed smell from your mattress but if everything fails then you can use a mattress protector to cover your mattress.

Use an air-tight mattress protector so the smell from the mattress does not come outside.

Using a mattress cover or protector can’t completely stop the weed smell but can be effective for making your bed smell fresh if you use some essential oils.

Final Words

Those are some effective ways to remove the weed smell from the mattress.

If you smoke weed regularly on your bed then you have to stop it immediately because removing the weed smell can be difficult.

But if you do not smoke then it can be off-gassing or bacteria growth.

You can use baking soda, vinegar, or enzyme cleaner method to remove the bacteria growth and off-gassing in mattresses.

If you have any questions regarding removing the weed smell from the mattress then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.