Imagine your last business trip or vacation at omni hotel because I can assure you slept like a baby.

But what mattress does omni hotel use and why are they so comfortable?

Omni Hotel uses a serta hotel suite euro pillow top mattress with an advanced comfort quilt.

As you can see their mattress is made by one of the top hotel mattress manufacturers in the world which is serta.

Yes, serta manufactures lots of high-end hotel mattresses for top hotel chains in the world so you can’t expect less from them.

In this article, we will discuss where to buy omni hotel mattresses and also how to make your own bed comfortable like a hotel bed.

We will also discuss why omni hotels beds are so comfortable. What kind of bedding do they use? And how to buy used mattresses from omni hotels.

Let’s get started.

What Mattress Does Omni Hotel Use?

Omni hotels use a serta pillowtop hotel mattress in their bedrooms.

This serta euro pillow top mattress is a double-sided flippable mattress and 13.5 inches thick.

When you sleep on this mattress then you literally feel like sleeping on the clouds.

What Type of Mattress Does Omni Hotel Use?

Omni Hotel uses only hybrid mattresses because the hybrid mattress has innerspring or pocketed coils for pain relief and foam for comfort.

So hybrid mattresses are a combination of comfort and support.

Most luxury hotels use hybrid mattresses.

The hybrid mattresses relax sleepers’ bodies and relieve their pressure points and the serta pillow top mattress is also a hybrid mattress.

This mattress also has gel-infused foam for making sleepers sleep cool.

What Brand of Mattress Does Omni Hotel Use?

The omni hotel uses a serta euro pillow top mattress which is crafted and designed by serta beddings.

Serta is a well-known mattress manufacturer for making high-end luxury mattresses.

Serta also manufactures hotel mattresses for embassy suites, hilton, marriott, hard rock, and Choice hotels.

So as you can see serta is a very popular mattress manufacturer for hotel mattresses.

And serta is also partnered with simmons which means they both manufacture high-end hotel mattresses that are so comfortable.

What Beddings Does Omni Hotel Use?

Omni Hotel use linens(Sheets, blankets, duvets), Omni Swedish memory foam pillows, Omni luxury pool towel, topper, and comforters.

And all these beddings are crafted and manufactured by the same company which is serta Beddings.

Beddings are also important in order to make the overall bed comfortable because mattresses alone can not make the overall bed comfortable.

Other beddings like pillows, sheets, blankets, toppers, comforters, and others matter too.

You can also purchase their bedding from Omni’s official website.

What pillows does omni hotel use?

Omni hotels use lots of different pillows to make their bed comfortable but usually, they use omni Swedish memory foam pillows and pacific coast feather best pillows.

Pillows are the most important factor in your bed and can change the comfort of the overall bed to the next level.

Where to buy Omni Hotel mattresses?

You can buy omni hotel mattresses directly from Serta’s official website.

Since their mattresses are not exclusively crafted so serta sells omni hotel mattresses at their own official website.

You can go to their official website and purchase the serta pillow top mattresses.

Does Omni Hotel Sell Used Mattresses?

No omni hotel does not sell their used or old mattresses to anyone because they donate their used mattress to charity firms.

But they also make sure that the mattress is in good condition while donating the mattress.

So if you think that their mattresses are so expensive then don’t worry.

Because you can make your own bed comfortable like hotel mattresses.

How to Make your own Bed Like Omni Hotel Bed?

If you want to make your bed like a luxury hotel bed then you need to know these tricks because there is no place like home.

So if you can make your own bed like hotel bed then you can make your bedroom heaven.

Here are the things you will need 

  • 3 flat sheets
  • Pillows (memory foams)
  • Feather blankets
  • Decorative pillows and blankets
  • Pillowcases
  • Mattress topper

For making your own bed comfortable you need to use comfortable sheets, blankets, and pillows.

If you do have the budget to invest in your sleep then you should purchase a high-quality mattress topper or a hotel mattress.

If you just purchase any affordable hotel mattress with some comfortable bedding then you can make your bed comfortable like hotel bed.

Mattress toppers and pillows on the mattress can change the comfort of your bed to a whole another level.

Because you can select the firmness of a mattress toppers and pillows.

The memory foam pillows can align your head and make you comfortable and relaxed.

If you do these tricks on your bed then, believe me, you can make your bed comfortable like hotel bed.

Final Words

If you ever stayed at omni hotels then you must wonder what mattress they use because their mattresses are so comfortable.

When you sleep on their mattresses then you can feel your body relaxed and relieved from all pressure points.

Your body just feels lightweight on their comfortable mattress, the gel-infused foam will allow you to sleep cooler.

And the pocketed coils inside their mattress support your body and align your spine in one position.

That’s why omni hotel mattresses are so comfortable.

So if you want to buy their mattress then you can purchase from serta’s official website.

If you have any questions regarding omni hotel mattress then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.