The homewood suites is a Hiltons extended stay brand that’s why most people call them homewood by hilton.

So if you stayed at their suites or hotels then you must wonder what mattress does homewood suites use.

Homewood suites use a hilton bed which is exclusively crafted by serta beddings.

Because homewood suites is a part of hilton so they use hilton bed.

If you want to know more about hilton mattresses then check this out: what mattress does hilton use?

In this article, we will discuss what is so special about hilton mattresses or serta mattresses and why are they so comfortable.

And we will also discuss what bedding homewood suites use and how you can purchase both mattresses and beddings from homewood suites.

Let’s get started.

What Mattress Does Homewood Suites Use?

Homewood suites use hilton beds in their all bedrooms for their guests.

Because homewood is a part of hilton hotels and hilton hotels use hilton bed which is exclusively crafted by serta beddings.

So hilton beds are used in homewood suites and hilton hotels.

What brand of mattress does homewood suites use?

Homewood suites use a hilton bed which is crafted and manufactured by serta beddings.

Serta Beddings is a known mattress manufacturer of high-end hotel mattresses.

Serta also makes mattresses for omni hotels, hilton hotels, embassy suites, marriott hotels, hard rock hotels, fairmont hotels, and many more.

As you can understand serta beddings is quite popular and a leading hotel mattress manufacturer for top hotel chains in the world.

What type of Mattress Does Homewood Suites Use?

Homewood suites use a hilton bed which is a hybrid mattress.

Because most luxury hotels only use hybrid mattresses over innerspring or foam mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses are a combination of support and comfort that’s why most hotels prefer hybrid mattresses.

Why Homewood Suites Mattresses are so comfortable?

As you know serta beddings are the number 1 leading brand for making high-end hotel mattresses and they also made mattresses for top hotel chains in the world.

So you can’t expect less from their mattresses.

Especially if they use hilton beds, you know hilton beds are one of the most comfortable beds in the world.

And top luxury and expensive hotels use hilton beds for their guests to sleep more comfortably and relax.

The Hilton bed is a hybrid bed that has both comfort and support.

What bedding does Homewood Suites Use?

All beddings and mattresses used in homewood suites are also manufactured and crafted by the same company which is serta Beddings.

Homewood suites use Hiltons beds and Hilton beddings that are exclusively crafted and manufactured by serta beddings.

And if you try to buy their bedding or bed from any other stores or website then you can’t find them because they are exclusive and you can only buy them from Hilton official website.

How to Buy Homewood Suites Mattresses?

If you want to buy homewood suites mattresses then you can only find their mattress at Hilton’s official website.

Because they use Hiltons bed and you can only find the Hiltons bed on their official website.

You can find the homewood beds collection on Hilton website.

But their mattresses are exclusive which means they can be expensive too sure make sure you have the right budget before purchasing Hiltons bed.

Does Homewood Suites Sell used mattresses?

No, homewood suites do not sell used or old mattresses because they are part of hilton hotels.

And hilton Hotels do not sell their used mattresses because they donate them to charity firm.

So as long as you don’t know the manager of hilton hotels then you can’t buy their used mattresses.

But I do not recommend buying used mattresses because no one knows what has been done to that mattress.

Final words

If you ever stayed at hilton or homewood suites then you know that their beddings are just way more comfortable.

I guarantee you that when you sleep on Hilton’s bed then you can’t find a more comfortable bed than hilton.

Because Hilton bed is manufactured by top-rated hotel mattress manufacturer with fine and top-notch ingredients and materials.

So if you want to buy homewood suites mattress or a hilton mattress then it can be expensive so make sure you have the right budget.

If you don’t have the budget then don’t worry because you can just purchase a mattress topper and memory foam pillows and make your bed feel like a hotel bed.

If you have any questions regarding homewood suites then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.