If you stayed at Renaissance hotels then you need to know that Renaissance Hotel is part of Marriott Hotels.

And if you want to know what mattress does renaissance hotel use then you must have experienced their bed.

Because their bed’s comfort is on a whole another level.

So what mattress does renaissance hotel use?

Renaissance Hotel uses its exclusive renaissance mattress crafted and manufactured by simmons beautyrest beddings.

In this article, we will discuss what types, and brands of mattress does renaissance hotel use and why their mattresses are so comfortable.

We will also discuss where to buy their exclusive bed at half price and other frequently asked questions about Renaissance hotel mattresses.

Let’s get started.

What Mattress Does Renaissance Hotel Use?

Renaissance Hotel is part of the Marriott hotel chain so the mattresses used in Renaissance hotels can be exclusive and unique.

So Renaissance Hotel use lots of different mattresses depending on the type of room you book.

That includes Renaissance Mattress, Signature Mattress, and Hemstitch Mattress.

These mattresses are one of the top luxury and comfortable mattresses.

So depending on the room and area of the hotel they use Renaissance, signature, or hemstitch mattresses.

What Type of Mattress Does Renaissance Hotel Use?

Renaissance Hotel also uses lots of different types of mattresses like innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid.

And their exclusive bed Renaissance Mattress is an innerspring mattress.

Most hotels either use innerspring or hybrid because they both have pocketed coils that support the body of the sleeper.

And also relieves any pressure points and body pains.

The hybrid mattresses can be a combination of both foam and innerspring because the foam layer comforts the body of the sleeper while pocketed coils relieve pressure points and relax the body of the sleeper.

That’s why most luxury hotels use the hybrid mattress.

What Brand of Mattress Does Renaissance Hotel Use?

The simmons beautyrest beddings are behind the manufacturing of Renaissance Mattress, Signature Mattress, and hemstitch Mattress.

As you know Renaissance hotels are part of marriott hotels so the mattresses and bedding in marriott hotels are also manufactured by simmons beautyrest beddings.

So the manufacturer of both hotels’ mattresses is the same.

But simmons beautyrest manufactures both mattresses exclusively so you can’t find their exclusive mattress other than on your website.

Why Renaissance Mattress is comfortable?

As you know all luxury hotel mattresses are comfortable because they spend too much on their mattress while manufacturing.

Because they just want to give their guests a relaxing and comfortable sleep experience.

That’s why their mattresses can be expensive and Renaissance mattresses are exclusively crafted and designed by simmons beautyrest beddings.

Simmons beautyrest beddings are one of the top leading hotel mattress manufacturers.

Both simmons and Beautyrest are partners and make high-end hotel mattresses for luxury hotels like marriott, hard rock hotels, and choice hotels.

So you can’t expect less from their mattresses,

Their pocketed coils relax and relieve pressure points from the guest’s body.

And foam layer in their mattress can comfort the sleeper’s body and give the sleeper a hugging feel like memory foam.

The motion isolation and cooling effect on their mattresses can be great and the material used in their mattresses is fine and top-notch.

What Beddings Does Renaissance Hotel Use?

Renaissance Hotel uses lots of different types of bedding including linens that are made by signature and hemstitch, duvets, pillows, toppers, sheets, blankets, comforters, and throws.

All these beddings are manufactured by different bedding brands like Signature, hemstitch, serta, and beautyrest simmons.

But don’t worry because you can buy their all bedding on their official website.


What Pillows Does Renaissance Hotel Use?

Renaissance hotel uses different types of pillows which include The renaissance Pillow, Feather & Down Pillow, Fibre Pillow, Confetti Frame Throw Pillow, Confetti Bolster Pillow, and Discus Throw Pillow.


You can see their collection of pillows on their website.

Where to Buy Renaissance Hotel Mattress?

As I said before renaissance hotel mattresses are made by simmons beautyrest and the mattress model that Renaissance use is the Simmons Beautyrest Silver Series BRS900.

So rather than just buying this mattress from Renaissane’s official website, you can buy directly from simmons Beautyrest’s official website.

This way you can save half of your money.

Because both models are the same and made by the same company.


Does Renaissance Hotel Sell Used Mattress?

No, Renaissance hotels do not sell used mattresses because they either recycle their old mattresses or donate their used mattresses to a charity firm.

And I also don’t suggest you should use old or used mattresses because that mattresses can be full of dirt, bacteria, and germs.

So no matter whether you clean the mattress, disinfect the mattress or do anything to remove the bacteria from the mattress, 

It won’t be enough.

So you shouldn’t purchase old or used mattresses, especially from hotels.

Final Words

If you want to make your bed like a hotel bed then you just have to purchase hotel mattresses from one of your favorite hotels.

But you also need to know that mattresses alone do not make the overall bed comfortable because other beddings like toppers, pillows, and linens matter too.

So you should make your overall bed comfortable and if you do not have the budget to buy Renaissance mattresses then just buy the beautyrest mattresses from their website.

Because both are quite similar and you can save half of your money.

If you have any questions regarding renaissance hotel mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.