If you want to know what mattress does aria hotel use then area hotels use lots of different types of mattresses including memory foam, latex, and hybrid.

But most commonly aria hotels use ARIA Mattress and ARIA Sky Suit Mattress.

Aria Hotels is a 5-star resort located in Las Vegas, and believe me, if you stayed at their hotel then one thing is for sure you slept like a baby.

So anybody who stayed at their hotel must wonder what mattress does Aria Hotel Use and how you can purchase their mattress.

In this article, We will discuss what brand of mattress does Aria Hotel Use. Who manufactures the Aria Bed and how you can purchase the mattress?

We will also discuss why their mattresses are so comfortable, what bedding, and what pillows they use.

Let’s get started.

What Mattress Does Aria Hotel Use?

As I said before Aria Hotel is located in Las Vegas and they come under one of the top hotel chains in the world.

So they use lots of different mattresses but they usually use their own mattress crafted exclusively by sealy.

Aria Hotel uses Aria Bed and Aria Sky Suite Mattress.

While the standard Guest room has Area Bed which costs around $3,495 and the high-end luxury room has Aria Sky Suite Mattress which costs around $3,995.

What Type of Mattress Does Aria Hotel Use?

Aria Hotel use lots of different types of mattresses including memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattress.

But their exclusive and mostly used beds Aria Bed and Aria Sky Suite Bed are hybrid mattresses for providing both comfort and support.

Mostly all luxury hotels use hybrid mattresses because the coils will support the back of the sleeper and the foam layer comfort the sleeper.

That’s why aria hotel also uses a hybrid mattress to proving the guests best sleep experience ever.

What Brand of Mattress Does Aria Hotel Use?

Aria Hotel uses Aria Mattress and Aria Sky Suite Mattress and both are crafted and manufactured by the world’s number 1 hotel mattress manufacturer which is sealy.

Sealy Beddings is behind the manufacturing of Aria Mattress and Aria Sky Suite Mattress.

Both mattresses are exclusively crafted and designed by Sealy Beddings.

Why Aria Mattress is So comfortable?

You can’t expect less from a leading hotel mattress manufacturer because sealy beddings not only manufactures hotel mattress for Aria Hotels but also they make mattresses for other luxury hotels like hilton, choice, Wynn, fairmont, and others.

The material quality and ingredients used in the Aria Mattress are Top Notch.

The soft layer of memory foam will provide a hugging feel of a foam mattress to the sleeper and the supportive comfort foam reduces the pressure points build up and minimize sleep disturbance.

The mattress will align your spine and give balanced support.

The fabric and materials used in the mattress are breathable and give a cooling effect.

That’s why this mattress comes under the world’s most comfortable bed.

What Beddings Does Aria Hotel Use?

The beddings used in Aria Hotels are Linens, Duvets, mattress pads, feather beds, pillows, and throws.

These all beddings are crafted and designed by sealy beddings and you can purchase these all beddings on their official website.

Because mattresses are not the only thing that makes the bed comfortable because other beddings like a mattress pad, linens, pillows, and duvets matter too.

What Pillows Does Aria Hotel Use?

Aria Hotel uses lots of different types of pillows depending on the room you choose but mostly Aria Hotel uses Feather & Down Pillow, Down Alternative Pillow, Euro Top Pillow, Sky Suites Accent Pillow, and Tower Suites Accent Pillow,

All these pillows are available on their official website.

Using these pillows on your website can make your bedding’s comfort to the next level.


Where to Buy Aria Hotel Mattress?

You can buy Aria Hotel Mattress directly from their official website.

Aria Mattresses are exclusively designed and manufactured by sealy and do not available on any websites or stores.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy them because Aria Hotel itself sell their mattress on its official website.


You can purchase a complete set with the mattress.

But make sure you have the right budget because their exclusive mattresses can be expensive.

Does Aria Hotel Sell Used Mattress?

No, Aria Hotels do not sell their used mattress because either they recycle the mattress or donate them to a charity firm.

And Aria Hotel does have a program for recycling their own mattresses or donating them.

So as long as you don’t know the manager of Aria Hotel, you can’t buy a used mattress from Aria Hotels.

But I do not recommend you buy a used mattress from any hotel including Aria Hotel because you don’t know what has been done to that mattress and how many bacterias and germs are on that mattress.

So always prefer buying a new mattress but if you don’t have the budget to purchase a new hotel mattress then stick to the regular one.

Because mattresses are not the only factor that makes the bed comfortable.

You can get a memory foam mattress topper and the right pillows and change the comfort of your bed to a whole another level.

Final Words

As you know Aria Hotel is one of the Luxury hotels in Las Vegas and is very popular for comfortable bedding and casinos.

So if you ever stayed in their hotels then you must wonder what mattresses they use and how they can be so comfortable.

Believe me, their mattresses are made by the world’s leading hotel mattress manufacturer which is sealy.

So you can’t expect less from sealy beddings.

If you have any questions regarding Aria Hotel mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.