Westin hotels bed is known as the most comfortable bed in the world but what mattress does Westin hotel use?

Because if their mattresses are so comfortable and dreamy then which mattress company makes their mattresses?

The mattress used at Westin hotels is the Heavenly Bed crafted and manufactured exclusively for Westin hotels by simmons beddings.

But what’s so special about Heavenly Bed? And why are they so comfortable?

This article will discuss what types of mattress Westin hotel uses and how you can buy them.

We will also discuss how you can make your own bed just like Westin Hotel’s bed.

Let’s get started.

What Mattress Does Westin Hotel Use?

The Westin Hotel uses a heavenly bed and the heavenly bed is known as one of the most comfortable hotel beds in the world.

Westin Hotel’s mattress is exclusively designed by the hotel mattress manufacturing company.

So when you stay at Westin Hotel then their bed is also named as Westin bed.

Westin bed which is a heavenly bed is an exclusive mattress designed for Westin hotels only.

What Type of Mattress Does Westin Hotel Use?

The Westin hotel uses a heavenly bed which is an innerspring mattress.

And most luxury hotels either use innerspring or hybrid mattresses because they combine support and comfort at the same time.

So if you are looking for a hotel mattress then you should definitely look for an innerspring or a hybrid mattress.

The heavenly bed has pocketed coil system that has a balance of support and contouring comfort.

What Brand of Mattress Does Westin Hotel Use?

The Westin hotels use the heavenly bed which is crafted and made by simmons beddings.

Simmons Bedding is one of the leading manufacturing hubs for hotel mattresses.

They create top-notch, high-end hotel mattresses that have the finest ingredients in the world.

Simmons and serta are partners so both make hotel mattresses for all the luxury hotels you know,

Like hilton, marriott, embassy suites, hard rock, and other luxury hotels mattresses are designed and manufactured by serta simmons beddings.

And Westin hotel mattresses are also crafted by the same company simmons beddings.

What bedding does Westin hotel use?

The beddings at Westin hotels include duvets, toppers, blankets, sheets, linens, and pillows.

And all beddings are manufactured by the same company which is simmons Beddings.

You can check their bedding collection on their official website.


Why are Westin beds so comfortable?

Westin Bed is one of the most comfortable and supportive beds in luxury hotel chains.

Their bed is exclusively crafted by world leading hotel mattress manufacturer which is simmons Beddings.

And their all layers and ingredients are made with fine materials.

Westin Hotel specifically asks simmons bedding to create a world-class bed with top-class materials and comfort layers.

The Westin uses a heavenly bed which is an innerspring mattress and the innerspring mattress relives the pressure points from your body.

And makes your body relax and supports the spine and body at the same time.

So you can’t expect less from Westin hotel chains.

Where to buy Westin Hotel Mattresses?

You can buy their exclusive mattresses directly from their official website.

Yes, Westin hotel sells their heavenly bed mattress on their official site.

Check this out:


This bed is available in all sizes but make sure you have the right budget because their mattresses can be expensive.

You can also buy their bedding on their website too.

When you buy their mattress, you also get a box spring with the mattress.

But if you do not have the budget to buy their mattresses then don’t worry, you can buy other affordable mattresses.

Does Westin Hotel Sell Used Mattresses?

No, Westin hotels do not sell their used or old mattress because they just donate them.

If their old mattress is in good condition then they donate the mattress to a nearby charity firm but if their old mattress is not in good condition then they just recycle them,

But you can’t buy an old or used mattress from Westin hotels.

And also I would not recommend buying used mattresses, especially from hotels.

Final Words

If you stayed at Westin hotels then you must sleep like a baby because their mattresses are so comfortable than you can imagine.

Their mattresses are made with top-notch finest materials in the world and manufactured by the world’s leading hotel mattress manufacturer.

Yes, simmons beddings are one of the leading hotel mattress manufacturers so you can’t expect less from this company.

All the material used in this mattress is natural and top-notch.

There is no fiberglass or anything harmful materials in their mattress.

If you have any questions regarding westin hotel’s mattresses then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.