If you have ordered a helix mattress and are concerned about whether does helix take old mattress or not then don’t worry.

Does helix provide old mattress removal? 

Yes, helix takes your old mattress and provides you with free old mattress removal but only if you live in California.

Helix suspended old mattress removal services after covid because of safety concerns.

But if you live in California then helix will provide you 100% safe and Free Old Mattress Removal.

If you wanted to know what things helix can remove for you, what does helix do with your old mattress, or how will helix remove your old mattress?

And if you do not live in California then what to do with your old mattresses?

Then stay tuned.

Does Helix take Old Mattress? (Helix’s Old Mattress Removal Process)

Helix Discountinued Old Mattress Removal Service after the COVID for safety reasons.

But if you live in California then you don’t have to worry at all.

Because Helix Still Offers Old Mattress Removal Services in California.

And This Service Includes the removal of any items replaced by helix for example box springs, bedframes, and your old mattress.

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What does Helix do with old Mattresses?

does helix take old mattress

Helix donates your old mattress to charities and housing facilities in your community.

And if your state laws don’t allow helix to donate their mattress in your state then helix sends old mattresses to recycle.

How to Deal with old Mattress

If you do not live in California then you don’t get old mattress removal service from helix mattress.

In that case, what are the things you can do with your old mattress?

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Use old Mattress for Guest Room

If your old mattress does not have sagging, lumps, Noisy Springs, and discomfort then you can use your old mattress for the guest room.

If your mattress is still young and in good condition then you can use your old mattress for your guest room.

Donating your Old Mattress

If you do not have space for your old mattress and want to get rid of it then don’t dispose of your mattress.

Because you can donate your old mattress to charity and people who need it most.

Donating your old mattress can be a better option than disposing of the mattress.

But you need to also understand all old mattresses can’t be get donated.

If your old mattress has sagged more than 3 inches and has major structural problems, holes, and massive stains then don’t donate your old mattress.

In that case, you have to recycle your old mattress.

Recycle your Old Mattress

If your old mattress isn’t in condition for donation then you can also give your old mattress for recycling.

Around 90% of mattresses can be broken down and recycled.

But however, there are different rules and regulations depending on the state you live in.

You can go straight to a local level organization that accepts donations otherwise you can give your old mattress to anyone you know.

Throw away your Old Mattress

In some cases, your old mattress isn’t in a condition to donate or recycle.

So in that case you need to throw away your old mattress.

But many cities and states don’t allow people to throw their old mattresses anywhere.

So you need to do a quick google search to find where you can throw your old mattress.

For example, how to throw away an old mattress in NYC.

You can get a lot more information about how to throw your old mattress in your city.

Final words on Does Helix Take Old Mattress

Helix offers an old mattress removal policy for only people who live in California.

So if you live in California then you can get Free Old Mattress Removal Policy.

But if you don’t live in California then you can either use donate your old mattress or you can send your old mattress to recycle.

And if you have any questions related to the helix mattress’s old mattress removal policy then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.